Father Brings Joy to His Son with Handcrafted Wooden Bugatti Centodieci

Vietnamese Father Creates Wooden Bugatti Centodieci for His Son 

Truong Van Dao, a 30-year-old carpenter from Tu Son, Bac Ninh, recently made headlines after a video showing him building a wooden car for his son went viral on social media. The handcrafted auto was inspired by the Bugatti Centodieci supercar, yet lower, cheaper, and erected entirely of wood.

The Bugatti Centodieci is a constrained adaptation mid-engine sports car created by French car producer Bugatti. The car is an respect to the Bugatti EB110 and a celebration of the Bugatti marque's 110th birthday. Generation of the Centodieci is constrained to 10 units estimated at 8 million euros (~$8.9 million) each. The Centodieci is able of quickening from 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 2.4 seconds, 0-200 km/h (124 mph) in 6.1 seconds and 0-300 km/h (186 mph) in 13.1 seconds with a beat speed electronically constrained to 380 km/h (240 mph). Its control weight is 1,976 kg.

Father's Dream to Create a Dream Car Comes True

Truong Van Dao expressed his desire to build something special for his son, who had shown an interest in cars from a young age. Dao wanted to make miniatures of different cars for his son as toys, but he soon realized that the miniatures would not be able to move. That was when he decided to self-learn how to make a wooden car that could actually move like a real car.

Truong Van Dao and his son on the wooden Bugatti Centodieci. (Photo: Ngoi Sao)

With the help of three carpenters from his wood workshop, Dao was able to create a car with the design inspired by the Bugatti Centodieci supercar that could move forwards and backward. The toy car was made entirely of wood, from the chassis to small details such as mirrors and fake buttons. Parts like the wheel were also cleverly carved to ensure both aesthetics and operability. The outer surface was chiseled, engraved, and polished with a finishing touch, while the axle was made of metal and connected to the chain-driven electric motor. The wooden steering wheel was also connected to the front axle so the driver could drive the car as he wished. In total, it took Dao and his colleagues 45 days to complete the car for his son.

Vietnamese Father's Homemade Car Goes Viral

Photo: Ngoi Sao

The incredible story of Truong Van Dao’s homemade car soon spread throughout the world. The video of the car being made went viral on international auto news networks and was reposted by big media channels such as Supercar Blondie. The story of this Vietnamese father and his son’s dream car was met with an outpour of support from people all over the world. 

The Bugatti Centodieci supercar is a constrained generation mid-engine sports car that is estimated at 8 million euros (~$8.9 million). This father’s custom made wooden car overseen to capture the same see and feel of the Centodieci at a division of the taken a toll and it's all much obliged to Dao and his group of carpenters. Whereas the car is not for deal and may never be mass delivered, it goes to appear that with difficult work and devotion, nothing is inconceivable.

VIDEO by Woodworking:

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