Geely Unveils Aegis LFP Short-Blade Battery: A Trial by Fire (and More)


Chinese automaker Geely has once again pushed the boundaries of electric vehicle (EV) technology with its latest creation—the Aegis LFP short-blade battery. This innovative power source combines safety, efficiency, and performance, promising to revolutionize the EV landscape. Let’s plunge into the points of interest of this groundbreaking advancement.

The Aegis LFP Battery: Key Features

1. Energy Density: Geely’s Aegis battery achieves an impressive energy density of nearly 200 Wh/kg. This compact design allows for higher energy storage without compromising space or weight constraints.

2. Fast Charging: With a charging time from 10% to 80% in just 17 minutes and 4 seconds significantly faster than long-blade batteries, the Aegis battery eliminates long waits at charging stations. Say goodbye to range anxiety! 

3. Longevity: Based on average family driving (20,000 kilometers per year). The Aegis battery boasts a remarkable 50-year service life and can withstand 3,500 charge cycles without significant capacity loss.

4. Cold Environment Performance: It retains 90.54% capacity even at -30°C ambient temperature.

5. Safety Tests: The Aegis battery passed rigorous tests, including seawater corrosion immersion, extreme cold, high-frequency scraping, and more. It even withstood being pierced by eight steel needles simultaneously without adverse effects.

Versatility Across Vehicle Types

The Aegis LFP battery’s flexibility makes it adaptable for various vehicle categories, including:

  • Sedans: Enhancing the driving experience for everyday commuters.
  • Commercial Vehicles: Boosting efficiency for delivery vans and trucks.
  • SUVs and MPVs: Providing reliable power for family adventures.

Galaxy E5: The First Recipient

While Geely hasn’t officially announced the vehicles that will house the Aegis battery, Chinese media outlets suggest it will debut in the Galaxy E5 e-SUV. Geely subsidiary Galaxy unveiled this model for the Chinese market earlier this year, and the Aegis battery is set to power its electric journey.

The Galaxy E5 and Its Aegis Battery

1. Battery Capacities: The Geely Galaxy E5 will come equipped with two battery pack options:

  • 49.52 kWh: This variant offers an impressive CLTC-tested range of 440 km.

  • 60.22 kWh: Opt for this larger pack, and you’ll enjoy a range of 530 km on a single charge.

2. Energy Density: The Aegis battery achieves an energy density of 192 Wh per kg, putting it on par with ternary batteries. What’s remarkable is that it achieves this while maintaining a compact form factor.

Size Matters: Aegis vs. Common Batteries

  • Aegis Battery: At just 580 mm in length, the Aegis battery defies the norm. Most EV batteries measure around 960 mm in length, making the Aegis a space-saving marvel.

  • Safety Triumph: Beyond its size, the Aegis battery has undergone rigorous safety tests. It emerged unscathed from scenarios like seawater immersion, extreme cold, and heavy impacts.

As Geely continues to push the boundaries of EV technology, the Aegis LFP battery promises a greener, more efficient future for electric mobility. Buckle up—the Galaxy E5 is ready to take you on an electrifying journey!

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The Aegis Battery: A Trial by Fire (and More)

1. Extreme Heat: The Aegis battery faced exposure to 1,000°C flames for 130 seconds. Remarkably, it emerged unscathed—no fire, no smoke, and no explosion.

2. Seawater Immersion: The battery pack was immersed in seawater for 48 hours. Despite the harsh conditions, it remained intact and functional.

3. Underbody Impact: Repeated underbody impact tests validated the battery’s robustness.

4. Cold Endurance: At -35°C (equivalent to 5,000 meters elevation), the Aegis battery maintained its capacity and performance for eight hours.

5. Rolling Crush Test: Under 26 tonnes of weight, the battery held its ground without adverse reactions.

Internal Testing: Nails and Rifle Rounds

1. Nail Puncture: Eight steel nails simultaneously pierced the battery pack. After an hour, no ill effects were observed.

2. Rifle Resilience: A standard-issue Chinese army rifle round was fired at the battery. To everyone’s surprise, ignition didn’t occur.

Geely’s Aegis battery isn’t just safe—it’s military-grade safe. As it debuts in the Geely Galaxy E5, it promises a greener, more secure electric future.

In a rapidly evolving EV landscape, Geely’s Aegis LFP short-blade battery stands as a testament to innovation, sustainability, and driving pleasure. Buckle up—we’re on the road to a greener future!

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