6 Fleet Services You Will Need When Moving To Electric Vehicles


The diversity and usability of electric vehicle models is a very strong advantage for companies in implementing sustainability policies and contributing to social responsibility projects! So, do you know which fleet services you should take advantage of when switching to electric vehicles?

Electric vehicles (EVs) are increasing their usage rate around the world day by day, as evidenced by the researches. In particular, corporate companies have frequently included electric vehicle rental services on their agenda in recent years in order to raise awareness in the society . This is a very solid step in terms of creating a successful social responsibility awareness for companies and contributing to sustainability policies across the country.

On the other hand, good planning and a clear analysis of the anticipated operational needs are necessary to transition to electric vehicles without any problems. In addition to the environmental benefits, electric vehicle rental also helps companies reduce their operational costs. With EVs, companies benefit from many advantages such as environmentally friendly transportation, lower maintenance, fewer parts replacement, fuel savings, high performance and maximum space. So, which fleet services should you take advantage of when switching to electric vehicles?

1. Feasibility Assessment

When moving to electric vehicles, you need to conduct a comprehensive feasibility assessment for fleet management . Does the fleet service you rent consist of passenger vehicles or commercial vehicles? You should know that your transition speed to electric vehicles will change in direct proportion, depending on the size of the vehicles you have and the service they provide. You should not forget that you should also pay attention to the following factors in the feasibility assessment:

  1. In-depth review of current tool usage
  2. Future growth forecasts
  3. Reviewing and analyzing required range, payload and hardware specifications
  4. Availability of vehicle maintenance, charging and service support

With a comprehensive feasibility assessment, you can decide which vehicles to replace with electric vehicles and when to do this replacement.

2. Fleet Rental Opportunities

The possibilities offered by the fleet car rental service are also of great importance for you to replace your vehicles with electric cars. It is necessary to carefully examine the offers, loan opportunities and payment plans offered by the fleet financing partner. Moreover, it is necessary to plan by taking into account the charging infrastructure of electric vehicles. For this reason, it would be best to get help from experts in the field while evaluating the fleet rental offer .

3. Hardware Features of Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles owned by some fleet companies support adding equipment, while others may not. When renting an electric vehicle for the company, you need to determine what you may need today and in the future. In this direction, it is possible to continue on the road at full throttle with the right fleet company and the right vehicle models.

4. Successful Fleet Management

For a successful fleet management, competent employees are needed on both sides. First of all, company employees need to plan very well when and how many electric vehicles they will order. Likewise, the fleet leasing company should be able to dispatch the incoming orders in the shortest time and in the most accurate way. Moreover, it is necessary to plan, taking into account any setbacks. The dispatch period of electric vehicles should be well defined in the calendar, care should be taken not to coincide with any special day, and the calendar should be prepared by considering certain setbacks in any case.

5. Charging Services

Charging infrastructure is also of great importance when renting an electric vehicle. Which charging station can be used by the vehicles and whether these vehicles will stay with the company or with the employees are also important issues. If electric vehicles are to return to the company every evening, it is the best solution to prepare a charging station within the company. On the contrary, if employees are going to return to their homes with these vehicles, they must charge the electric vehicles correctly and a regulation must be made for the extra electricity they use.

In any case, the fleet company should be expected to assist the company in a charging station to be established within the company. Which of the AC or DC charging stations should be used? How much does the charging station installation cost? Such questions are also a factor that directly affects the fleet company to work with when switching to electric vehicles.

6. Technical Service Support

Electric vehicles require less maintenance than conventional vehicles. However, this does not mean that you will not receive service support from the fleet rental company. Every electric vehicle needs maintenance at certain time intervals. In addition, service support is required for staying on the road, accident and any damage. For this reason, it is extremely important that the fleet company you work with has an operational team in your region and can offer 24/7 service support.

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