How Long Is the Battery Life of Electric Vehicles?


There are a lot of people wondering about the electric vehicle world! One of the most researched topics is the battery life of electric vehicles. On this page, you can find what you are wondering about the subject!

The lifespan of an electric vehicle battery is usually between 8 and 10 years. In fact, research shows that electric vehicle batteries can be used for up to 20 years without the need for replacement. However, manufacturers mostly offer 8-year warranty. However, almost all electric vehicles sold today also include a 100,000-mile (161,000-kilometer) warranty. Electric vehicle manufacturers are developing various technologies to make EV batteries last longer.

Electric vehicles (Electric Vehicles: EV) are thought to have a complex system due to their innovative technologies. However, these vehicles carry a simple system as they have fewer parts than traditional internal combustion vehicles. At this point , it is possible to compare electric vehicles and traditional vehicles with two digital and mechanical watches. Whereas traditional vehicles are filled with dozens of complex parts that require regular maintenance just like a mechanical watch, electric vehicles are simple, reliable and durable like a digital watch!

1. What Factors Affect Battery Life in Electric Vehicles?

There are multiple factors that affect the life of the battery in electric vehicles, as follows.

1.1. Time

Time is one of the most important factors affecting battery life in electric vehicles. With the passage of time, various malfunctions or deterioration can be seen in the batteries of electric vehicles. However, research shows that it still takes many years for this to happen. In some electric vehicle models, the battery may become unusable after about 10 years.

1.2. Charging

Among the other factors that affect the battery life of electric vehicles is how the charging is done. Charging an electric vehicle with zero charge from zero to 100 percent is not preferred due to overloading and reducing battery life. For this reason, it is more appropriate to keep the electric vehicle's charge around 80 percent.

1.3. Weather conditions

Electric vehicles have advanced thermal management systems. However, when the vehicle is parked, extreme weather conditions can also affect the battery life.

1.4. Capacity

To preserve the life of an electric vehicle battery, manufacturers provide additional spare capacity to compensate for degradation over time. As an electric vehicle ages and cycles the battery, additional spare capacity is depleted. This ensures that the vehicle's range remains the same throughout the life of the battery. When battery capacity drops below 80 percent, drivers may begin to notice a decrease in battery range and performance.

2. Why Does Battery Life Decrease in Electric Vehicles?

As we mentioned, the battery life of the electric vehicle decreases with the passing of time. On the other hand, not using or charging an electric vehicle does not mean that the battery will last forever. Reducing the vehicle's charge to zero; Completing it directly to 100 percent from zero is one of the biggest factors that reduce battery life. Extremely hot and cold climates also significantly reduce battery life.

3. How to Extend the Battery Life of Electric Vehicles?

What needs to be done to extend the battery life of electric vehicles is also clearly revealed when the factors that reduce the battery life are examined.

  1. Not charging the vehicle to 100 percent allows the battery to be used longer. Although a full charge means longer range, this is extremely necessary for a longer battery life.
  2. In cities with very high temperatures, parking the electric vehicle in the garage or in a shaded area contributes to prolonging the battery life.
  3. Although fast charging stations are advantageous because they shorten the time of power supply, they can adversely affect battery performance due to the excess current it gives to the battery in a short time. For this reason , mostly using AC charging stations for electric vehicle charging is a better choice to extend battery life.
  4. Keeping the software of the electric vehicle up-to-date is also important in extending the battery life.
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