If you determine how to use the electric bike, you will have completed the first step in terms of how to buy an electric bike. Will you be driving short distances in the city or will you be climbing the mountain to the top? The models you will look at will also differ accordingly.

   Before you buy an e-bike, there are questions you should ask yourself first. After deciding on your own questions and your choice, the rest is your purchase. Before you buy an e-bike, visiting our E-bike Basket site will help you a lot. If you are going to use the money you have earned in a long time for our e-bike models, you are on the safest site.

    No one decides when buying an electric bike without research. Because these products are bikes that require detail. This process can be extremely complex. Because there are many types of products available and it may take your time to compare them all. In fact, having so many models can push you into complexity. Considering all these difficulties, we have created our comparison system on our site that will provide convenience for you. By adding the products you want to our comparison list, you can find the differences between them and make your choice.

In this guide, which you will use when choosing an e-bike, there are many questions you need to ask yourself and the company you will buy the product from.

We can list the questions you should ask yourself as follows;

- What kind of bike should I buy?
- Which bike is the most suitable for the distance I will travel?
- Do I have a chance to go on sloping roads?
- In which road conditions will I use the bike?
- Will I have trouble carrying the bike?
- How much do I want to pedal?
    You don't need to spend hours researching these questions. Because while you are reading this article, you are on the site that will make your time and transportation easier. You need to determine the style of the bike you are going to buy well. It is also useful to pay attention to issues such as the shape of the handlebar, whether it has thin or thick wheels, whether it is suitable for daily use or field conditions. It is much easier to choose a bike suitable for the distance you will travel. 

You can see the charging distance of all our models by accessing the product features you want on our website. In addition, all our models help you to climb 15-20 degree slopes easily and climb without difficulty. Another point to consider when choosing your e-bike model is the road conditions you will use. For example, If you are going to choose a road with terrain, choosing a model with thick wheels will provide you more convenience in your journey. The e-bike you choose for your daily life, on the other hand, is a choice that depends entirely on your usage conditions. 

Do you think you will have a problem of carrying a bicycle wherever you go? In fact, you will not encounter a situation that will require you to carry the bike very often. Because you will reach everywhere you want to go via e-bike anyway. Let's say you need to go to the place you want to go urgently while using an e-bike. Then you can continue your journey with your bike by using the subway and trains. And of course your willingness to pedal is also important. On a normal bike you have to pedal constantly. But this does not apply to e-bikes. Because you throw 1 pedal,    
 By the way, did we mention that E-bike makes your life easier?

After finding answers to all these questions, there are also questions you need to ask to the places where you will buy your electric bike.

Questions to Ask

   at the Place of Purchase When you buy a product, you enter into a relationship with the place you bought it, regardless of what it is. There is no question of purchasing the product and never contacting it again. It is the same for this e-bike. You will be in contact with that company until your order and delivery for your chosen e-bike model is completed. However, the first place you should contact for the slightest question or any problem that remains in your mind is the company you purchased the product from. We can list the questions to be asked to the place of purchase as follows;

- How long have you been selling electric bikes?
- Do you know enough about all e-bike models?
- Is there a guarantee for the products?
- What if I have a problem with the bikes?

     Knowing how long the company from which you bought the bike has been selling allows you to have a better idea about the company. The work done by the company, the feedback it receives and customer relations are among the factors that will determine your thoughts on purchasing. The fact that the company has information about all models will help you in model selection. If the company gives you all the technical information about the models, the warranty and all the information about the questions you may have later, you can make your decision with more confident steps and choose safer pedaling.

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