What is a hoverboard used for? Discover 5 uses of the electric skateboard


Electric skateboarding is already considered a worldwide fever among children, young people and even adults, but do you know what a hoverboard is for?

The different possibilities of using this equipment, of course, are still unknown to many people.

Mainly by those who believe that the hoverboard is nothing more than a toy or entertainment device.

If you are one of them, prepare to be amazed. Check out, below, five functions of the electric skateboard.

Before knowing what a hoverboard is for, get to know this equipment better

Before we explain what a hoverboard is for, we need to understand what this device actually is. So let's go!

Firstly, the hoverboard is an electrical device, usually consisting of two motors, two wheels and a platform where the feet are positioned next to each other.

It moves through the driver's own movements, as we will discuss in detail below.

In addition to its portable nature, the hoverboard draws attention to its practicality, economy and intuitive operation.

Not to mention its modern and often futuristic design and the fact that it is considered a clean means of transport.

Currently, there are models available on the market with motors from 250W to 800W, maximum speed of up to 20km/h and autonomy of up to two hours or 20km.

How the electric skateboard works in practice

The hoverboard moves based on the movements of the driver's own body

One of the questions that most intrigue people is how the hoverboard works, since it doesn't have any support base.

As mentioned earlier, in addition to a pair of wheels, the electric skateboard has a set of electric motors that are controlled from the movement of the body itself.

In it, there is also a set of sensors that are able to read the inclination of the user's body and interpret the commands given by him.

In short, it means that you just need to tilt your body slightly in the desired direction and the hoverboard will move in the same direction.

But how does this happen, considering that the user is standing and there is no central bar to guarantee his stability?

The electric skateboard also has a device called a gyroscope. It detects the inclination of the body and indicates the appropriate direction and speed to the motor.

In this way, the platform is balanced, guaranteeing the stability and safety of the user and reducing the risk of falling.

What is a hoverboard used for?

Now that you know what an electric skateboard is and how it works, it's time to see what a hoverboard is for in practice.

Below are five common uses for this equipment.

1. Fun and leisure

One of the first uses of the hoverboard was, without a doubt, entertainment and fun.

Proof of this is that, until a while ago, many malls even had hoverboard tracks for people to train and play.

It's even worth an addendum: for those who don't know, the history of skateboarding is directly related to the practice of surfing.

While the boards were used to surf in the sea, the shapes with wheels emerged to allow the guys to also “surf” on the asphalt.

The equipment was so successful that it was modernized and, today, has electric motors that offer total control of the machine, expanding its use even further.

Today, many people use hoverboards on city trips to connect with nature and spend time outdoors.

It is no wonder that many models have a bluetooth function and an internal speaker, which allows you to connect the hoverboard to your smartphone and play your favorite songs during the ride.

And that goes even at night, as there are hoverboards with front, side and/or rear LED lights.

2. Technological joke

The hoverboard is even a way of providing outdoor time for children, especially away from screens and electronics.

The hoverboard also works as an entertainment device or even a technological toy among children.

No wonder the equipment became a fever among the little ones.

However, it is important to highlight that, according to Inmetro, the equipment is not considered a toy, since it can exceed a maximum speed of 8km/h.

Therefore, all care is needed before putting such equipment on a child's feet. Including because they can pose some risks to the safety of the little ones.

Starting with choosing the right model. Nowadays, there are options exclusively aimed at children that reach low speeds.

Furthermore, most hoverboards are not suitable for people weighing less than 40 kg.

This is because the pressure exerted by the body on the axes of the equipment is necessary for the electric skateboard to work.

Not to mention that many models are not recommended for children under 12 or even 14 years old.

3. What is a hoverboard for? Facilitate the daily commute

You know that quick trip to the neighborhood pharmacy, supermarket or bakery that we often use the car without the slightest need?

The hoverboard has also been presented as a fast and practical means of locomotion for small displacements.

In this case, the recommendation is just to avoid irregular roads and steep terrain, such as slopes, to reduce the risk of accidents.

On the other hand, there are already some models on the market, with larger wheels, which perform well on uneven terrain and even on earth.

And we go even further. If your work or college is within a distance of up to 15km from your home, the hoverboard can also be an alternative means of transport to get to these places.

This considering that most models have a range of 15 to 20km and take two to four hours to recharge the battery.

That is, you can move to the destination at a distance of 10 to 17km/h, recharge the battery and return home using only the hoverboard.

4. Multi modal transport

The hoverboard is also very useful for those who usually walk part of their daily commute to college or work.

Or even for those who need to take a bus just to shorten the distance to the nearest subway station, for example.

As it is a lightweight and portable device, it is very common to see people carrying the hoverboard to different places, including inside buses, subways, etc.

And thus ensuring more ease and agility in your displacements.

It is no wonder that many models already have a handle and cover, in order to facilitate transport.

5. Exercise the body

The hoverboard can even be used for physical exercises

And last but not least, the hoverboard can still be adopted in training to exercise different parts of the body.

Despite still being a little-known function, many people have already adopted the electric skateboard to exercise without having to leave the house.

And the big advantage is that you don't even need to know how to ride the hoverboard.

That's because the best-known exercises are all done on the floor and help strengthen the core, lower muscles and even the upper ones.

We also cannot fail to mention that the hoverboard is still an excellent exercise for training balance and concentration.

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