What is the ideal electric motorcycle model?


Is there an ideal electric motorcycle model? Contrary to what many may think, the answer is yes. An ideal electric motorcycle model for every driver, every reality and every need. And that's what we'll talk about in this article.

Do you know what the ideal electric motorcycle model is? What are the most common styles on the market? And how to choose the best option for you?

Even if your answer is no to any of these questions, there's nothing to worry about.

After all, the purpose of this article is precisely to show which aspects should be considered before choosing the ideal model of electric motorcycle.

Ready to meet them?!

The ideal model of electric motorcycle

If you see a combustion motorcycle and an electric motorcycle parked next to each other, you will probably be startled by the similarity of the two models.

However, although structurally similar, they function differently.

While the first uses fossil fuel and has an internal combustion engine and tank, the second has an electric motor and battery.

Furthermore, sustainability, economy, low maintenance costs and practicality are just some of the characteristics that have been attracting attention in electric vehicles.

And, although these advantages extend to any type of electric car, the truth is that there is still an ideal model of electric motorcycle for each driver.

And that's exactly what we're going to talk about in this article. Shall we check it out?

Electric motorcycle styles

Before we talk about the ideal electric motorcycle model, it is important to know the styles available on the market.

Basically, they are: motorcycle, scooter and tricycles. Find out below how they differ.


According to the Traffic Code, a motorcycle is a two-wheeled motor vehicle, with or without a sidecar, driven by a driver in a mounted position.

That is, it is the model we are most familiar with, in which the person drives with their legs around the tank.

Generally, in these models, the engine is at the bottom of the frame, and the rest of the structure is occupied by batteries.

On electric motorcycles, the tank can have several functions: be decorative, be a cargo compartment or house other electrical equipment.


Scooters are models in which the riders remain seated and not mounted

A scooter, also known as a scooter, is an electric motorcycle that, unlike a motorcycle, does not have a central frame.

In the Traffic Code, this model is classified as a motor scooter, a two-wheeled motor vehicle, driven by a driver in a seated position.

In this case, the person is not mounted, but sitting with legs together and feet side by side on a platform.

Generally, the motor of electric scooters is attached to the rear wheel, while the batteries are on the platform.


Although they are not as common as electric motorcycles and scooters, we cannot fail to mention tricycles.

After all, three-wheel vehicles are also classified in the same way as the other two types, according to law.

Ideal electric motorcycle model: how to choose?

Nowadays, there are electric motorcycles of the most different sizes, styles, powers and prices, among many other variations.

That is, we cannot deny that this segment has been advancing all day and that, currently, there are options for all budgets and tastes.

But if you are looking for an ideal electric motorcycle model, you can't help but look at your own habits and needs.

It's your routine that will tell you which electric motorcycle is best for you.

Next, we will present some aspects that must be observed so that you do not make a mistake when choosing yours. Come on!


The first question is: is the electric motorcycle for one or two people to ride simultaneously?

Unlike what happens in combustion models, where this question may not make the slightest sense, the reality is different when it comes to electric motorcycles.

That's because there are models that only have space for one person. Therefore, if you usually travel with a passenger, you cannot fail to observe this detail.


Autonomy is the time or distance that the electric motorcycle can travel with a full battery charge.

To acquire the ideal electric motorcycle model, you will also need to assess how often you will ride the vehicle.

And, above all, the average distance you will have to travel in the day, week and month.

This is because electric motorcycles have a lower range than electric cars.

Which usually revolves around 100km, against 250km for four-wheel vehicles.

Therefore, it is important to assess whether the autonomy of the electric motorcycle of your choice meets your needs.

-Type of use

Are you looking for an ideal model of electric motorcycle for what purpose? Traveling short distances in urban areas, taking trips?

This is an issue that will directly affect the choice of the ideal electric motorcycle model. As well as the type of terrain you will face.

Irregular roads, for example, require larger wheels, which usually offer extra stability and protection for the vehicle.


There are those who say that the battery is the heart of the electric motorcycle, so this is an aspect that deserves special attention.

Although most electric motorcycles today have a lithium ion battery, there are models that still use inferior options, such as lead, nickel, etc.

Be sure to also look at the battery capacity, whether it has a single or dual system, and even its average recharge time.

Furthermore, it is important to find out if the battery is removable or not, especially for those who live in a building or do not have a socket in the garage.


In electric motorcycles, the power is measured in watts. It is she who determines the maximum speed of the vehicle and its overall performance.

Therefore, if you are looking for a more agile option, you will need to invest in more powerful models.


The brand of the electric motorcycle also matters. Give preference to well-known manufacturers or those that are already operating in country.

That's because, if you need technical assistance, for example, this is a practical question that will make a lot of difference.


Although the design is not an indispensable item, it can provide a better experience for some users.

Therefore, before choosing the ideal electric motorcycle model for you, evaluate whether you are looking for something more attractive or functional.

Also because the most modern models, for example, usually offer extra features that, for many, are considered essential in day-to-day life.

Such as battery status, GPS, additional accessories, extra storage space, among others.


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