Ryvid Anthem: California-Based Startup Launches Unique Electric Motorcycle

One-of-a-Kind Design by Aerospace Leaders

Ryvid, a startup located in Irvine, California, is set to launch its first electric motorcycle, the Ryvid Anthem, in the second quarter of 2023. The motorcycle is unlike any other on the market, with a unique design crafted by aerospace leaders. 

Pre-Orders Now Open

After a month of preparation, Ryvid officially opened pre-orders for the Ryvid Anthem from on August 14, 2022. This electric all-terrain motorcycle can travel up to 120 km in Eco mode and 80 km in Sport mode, with a maximum speed of 120 km/h and maximum torque of 72 N-m. 

Advanced Suspension System

The suspension system of the Ryvid Anthem includes a reverse-travel fork with adjustable damping and a rear shock with adjustable damping and rebound. This system allows for a smoother ride on rough terrain and increased control in various conditions. 

Launch Edition Available in Three Colors

The Ryvid Anthem Launch Edition will initially come in three colors: Grey, White, and Gold. The launch price for the motorcycle is $7,800, excluding shipping. However, shoppers can take advantage of a $500 discount for the launch version. 

Delivery Expected Summer 2023

Ryvid expects to begin deliveries of the Ryvid Anthem Launch Edition in the summer of 2023. This electric motorcycle is sure to turn heads with its unique design and impressive specs, and it is poised to be a game-changer in the electric motorcycle industry. Place your pre-order today to be one of the first to experience this one-of-a-kind vehicle.

Born in California, Invented by Vietnamese Youth

Ryvid Anthem is the brainchild of three Vietnamese-born youths with a passion for electric motorbikes. These visionaries brought their invention to California to introduce it to the market.

The Ryvid electric motorbike is a unique embodiment of 21st-century design with a refined minimalism that makes it stand out from the competition. The custom-made lightweight steel frame is sturdy and optimized for speed engineering, making it one of the fastest electric motorbikes in the market.

One of the three inventors worked in space engineering in the US, and this has influenced the design of the motorbike, with materials from space engineering being used to make it more durable than other electric motorbikes. The Ryvid electric motorbike has a 250 cc design and is limited to 75 mile/h (120 km/h) in accordance with California law. The battery can be removed and charged, with charging taking about 6 hours (110 V power) or 3 hours (220 V). Each battery can run for 120 km, depending on usage.

The Ryvid electric motorbike has not yet officially hit the road, but it has already received warm praise from the press. The price is set at USD 7,800 per unit, and there are already many orders. Customers can expect the motorbike to be delivered in the summer of 2023.

Seeing the potential of this new invention, the California state government has donated USD 20 million to the Ryvid Anthem company to create jobs for 6,800 people. The Ryvid Anthem electric motorbike is the future of electric motorbikes, and it is set to revolutionize the industry. Get ready to take a ride into the future with the Ryvid Anthem electric motorbike!

Ryvid Anthem Launch Edition (Source: Ryvid EV)
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