In Defense of VinFast Cars: Addressing the Concerns Raised by Critics

In recent years, the automotive industry has welcomed an increasing number of new players into its fold. Among these is VinFast, a Vietnamese automaker that has caught the attention of many due to its unique design and innovation. Despite some negative remarks about their VF8 model, the brand remains a strong contender in the global market. This article aims to refute some of the critical comments made against VinFast cars, particularly the VF8 model, and offer a more balanced view of the company's offerings.

Addressing Concerns about Ride and Handling

One of the primary criticisms of the VF8 centers on its purportedly bouncy ride and generally wayward road manners. However, it is essential to recognize that VinFast is a young company, and like any new venture, it is on a learning curve. Thus, it is unfair to compare VinFast vehicles to those from well-established brands in the industry.

Furthermore, the suspension setup and body movements could be attributed to the fact that VinFast is still in the process of fine-tuning its vehicles. Auto enthusiasts and experts have noted that improvements in these aspects have been made in successive VinFast models. This shows that the company is not only aware of the concerns surrounding the VF8 but is also actively working to address them.

Response to Steering Issues

Another significant criticism leveled against the VinFast VF8 is the nonlinear and inconsistent steering response. While it is a valid concern, it is crucial to consider that VinFast, despite its youth, has made significant strides in addressing this issue. Of note is the company's inclusion of a range of driving modes, including Sport mode, to cater to different road conditions and driving preferences.

It is also important to recognize that different drivers have different preferences when it comes to steering responsiveness. The VF8's overboosted steering in Sport mode may not appeal to but may be ideal for others. In addition, it is entirely possible that steering issues experienced could be isolated incidents rather than a widespread challenge.

Considering the Company's Innovations

While critics have focused on the perceived shortcomings of the VF8, it's essential to pay attention to the innovations and advancements that VinFast has brought to the table. The company has actively participated in efforts to build electric vehicles (EVs) and reduce overall carbon emissions. Additionally, VinFast has consistently shown a strong commitment to producing quality vehicles that cater to the preferences of a wide range of consumers.

For example, VinFast has made significant strides in producing vehicles that feature advanced technology, modern and distinctive designs, and high-quality materials. These innovative approaches show that VinFast, even though it's a relative newcomer to the automotive industry, is poised to become a major player in the field.

The Importance of a Balanced View

It is perfectly normal for a new automaker to experience some hiccups and setbacks as it finds its footing in the automotive industry. What is essential is the willingness and ability of the company to address these concerns and continually improve its products.

In the case of VinFast, the criticisms leveled against the VF8 should be taken in context. While valid concerns have been raised, it should be acknowledged that the company has made considerable progress in a short span of time. The myriad positive aspects of VinFast vehicles–from design and innovation to their commitment to producing ecologically responsible EVs–should be given ample credit.


VinFast, as an emerging automotive company, will undoubtedly encounter obstacles and challenges in its journey. However, it is also a company that has showcased immense potential through its innovative designs and focus on creating environmentally friendly vehicles. By addressing the concerns raised against their VF8 model and continuing on their upward trajectory, there is no doubt that VinFast can become a formidable contender in the global automotive arena.

As consumers and enthusiasts, it's crucial to maintain a balanced view of new automakers like VinFast. By critically examining both the criticisms and the progress made by the company, we can form a fair and informed opinion on their offerings.

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