Rivian R1T Review: Should you buy it?

Rivian's claim of invigorating the e-car sphere has certainly caught attention as gasoline, diesel and hybrid cars are becoming quickly outdated with their high emissions output alongside many restrictions imposed on them from governments worldwide; while these subpar alternatives are slowly being phased out, people have started looking for feasible replacements which offer comparable if not better results - and this is where Rivian presents itself as an ideal choice by uniting design excellence along with lofty functional abilities able to traverse those extra miles without worrying about any hindrances.

With so much anticipation surrounding the brand, one can't help but wonder what prospects will be brought forward through this investment that further ascend boundaries which had been previously thought impossible to traverse. To answer all of these questions, the following article will venture to explore every nook and cranny of Rivian R1T - from its pricing variations to feature set diversity - in order to ensure that everyone understands what this game-changer has brought forward for consumers across the globe.


The Rivian R1T is an enormous machine compared to European-sized cars, with a smooth yet restrained and neatly proportioned design. Its vertical headlamps provide the biggest talking point up front, while its lack of grille, running boards and steps create a clean look. Inside it has a chunky simplicity to its layout with two landscape format screens as well as a blocky dashboard frame with wood effect finish. Interacting via touchscreen is necessary for seat adjustment, mirrors etc., though some physical controls remain for lights/wipers etc.

A unique feature of the R1T is the ‘Gear Tunnel’ – essentially a full width storage space behind the passenger cell which can be accessed by various panels on either side of passengers' feet. The gear tunnel will be big enough to hold enough kit for even large camping expeditions and can feasibly be kitted out further with various sliding kitchen units or what have you.

Battery range and charging

The Rivian R1T is an electric truck offered in two battery sizes - a standard 105kWh battery pack and a long range 135kWh battery pack. The long range model has EPA range rating of 314 miles compared to the 77kWh Volkswagen ID.4's 322 miles, which is impressive considering that it's fitted with more powerful motors, and can tow up to 11K lbs.

Rivian will be releasing the Max Pack version which features a 180kWh battery offering more than 370 miles of range on full charge plus performance specs that would challenge some V8 pickup trucks. Besides these configurations, the R1T also offers DC fast charging which means you can get 125 miles from just 20 minutes when hooked up to suitable charger at 200 kW or higher power output.

Driving Dynamics and Performance

The Rivian R1T is available in range-topping models that boast a quad-motor system for increased power and torque. This setup generates an impressive 840bhp and 1100Nm of torque, allowing it to get from 0–62mph in around 3 seconds - making it one of the fastest electric vehicles on the market.

Entry-level models have a less powerful dual motor set up but come with air suspension and four driving modes, so you can tailor your ride for different terrains. The transmission is completely silent and gives no clunking like old diesel engines; instead its smoothness makes this heavy SUV feel much more manoeuvrable than cars twice its size.

In spite of its abilities as a fast off-road vehicle, the R1T offers surprisingly comfortable rides too; ideal for long trips or city commuting - both equally enjoyable experiences!

Entertainment features

The Rivian R1T offers a satisfying blend of tech, minimalist design and ruggedness to the interior with eco-friendly materials like vegan leather and open-pore wood. The infotainment system is clean, crisp menu layout with intuitive controls and sharp graphics but unfortunately there’s no Apple CarPlay or Android Auto yet.

Standard features for the cabin include a 16" touch screen display, 12" digital gauge cluster linked to Alexa voice control as well as navigation via Google Maps. Wireless charging is standard on the R1T so you can keep your mobile devices powered up at all times while out on the road. Other standard items include dual zone climate control plus an expansive panoramic sunroof for those warm days in summer! There are also air compressor LED flashlight & power outlets integrated into rear cargo area - both convenient touches!

Safety Features

The 2023 Rivian R1T has earned high safety ratings from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). The electric pickup truck earned a Good rating in all crash tests and headlights illumination category. It also gets an Advanced rating in front-crash prevention, giving it the highest vehicle-to-vehicle/pedestrian front crash prevention system rating from IIHS, Superior. For these reasons, it received an IIHS Top Safety Pick+ designation.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has not tested the 2023 R1T at time of writing.  But we expect there will be plenty of advanced driver assistance features such as rearview camera, forward collision warning, forward automatic emergency braking and pedestrian detection. Other features that may come with this model include blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert lane departure warning and lane keep assist along with adaptive cruise control for more convenience and comfort during drives.

Is it worth it to buy Rivian R1T?

The Rivian R1T is an excellent high-end choice for those looking for an electric pick-up truck that combines power, efficiency, utility and style.  But a word to the wise: comparative to other competitors in its class, it is expensive.

If you prioritise hauling sizeable loads or long items such as planks of wood but still need the eco-friendliness of an electric vehicle, then you should consider Ford's F-150 Lightning.

For buyers wanting a similarly refined option at a much lower price point but with comparable handling capabilities, they could look into Honda's Ridgeline. However, it must be kept in mind that this will not offer the same level of luxury trappings or power sufficient to meet heavy-duty needs like what the Rivian can provide.

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