Exploring the Latest Rivian R1 Update: Incredible Speed, Enhanced Range & More!

Are you a proud owner of the Rivian R1? Then it’s time to get excited! The latest Rivian software update, 2023.34.0, is rolling out and with it comes incredible speed enhancements, an expanded range and so much more. Keep reading to explore what this new Rivian update brings along. 

Rivian R1 Gets a New Software Update

The Rivian R1 is continuing its evolution with its upcoming software update: V2023.43.0. As the name suggests, this powerful version of the Rivian family packs quite a punch when it comes to performance on the road.

According to an official statement made by Rivian, software updates “over time will [hammer] out bugs and introduce new features that improve both the driving experience as well as keep your vehicle running in top condition”.

Even better news for those lucky R1T and R1S owners: the update itself will be rolled out in batches over the coming weeks, meaning drivers are set for a much smoother and enjoyable ride.

Once the update is downloaded, you’ll be able to access updates from the Rivian app and further customize your vehicle. Noteworthily, two of the new features coming with this power-packed update include “Set Speed Preferences” and a “Drive Mode” feature.

New Set Speed Options

Rivian has announced an incredible improvement on their existing highway assist (HWA) and adaptive cruise control (ACC) systems. The latest HWA and ACC features impressively boast two new speed options that allow drivers to get the most out of their electric vehicles for both city commuters and long haul adventurers alike.

a. Speed Limit

The first option for setting the ideal speed is called “Speed Limit”. This clever feature sets the vehicle cruise speed to the exact detected limit for whichever portion of road your electric car is traversing on.

Moreover, it's also set as the default sales option when purchasing a Rivian vehicle so there's no need to change it manually whenever you hit a new stretch of highway – all they require from you is simply one quick button press and release triggering an automatic performance adjustment based on surrounding detectors.

b. Current Speed

The second choice provides drivers with more complete control over their driving speeds; "Current Speed" adopts whatever velocity (in mile-per-hour) that was active at engagement time as your trip embarkment point prior to the HWA and ACC switches being flipped.

With this option, you can utilize driving-style customization to match your current journey requirements based on preference or prior allocated research by other reliable drivers.

New Drive Mode Feature

The next premier feature that is included in this update is Rivian’s debut of their drive mode feature, allowing drivers to further customize their driving experience. This new drive mode feature is available on all Rivian R1 vehicles via the “Plan a Trip” option under Trip Preferences.

This innovative technology adds convenience when preparing for road trips or daily drives by taking into account several factors, including the vehicle’s battery pack capacity and the terrain of one’s chosen route.

The drive mode feature also enhances the journey by accounting for any charging stops necessary throughout long-distance travel and calculating range accordingly. Ultimately, this provides users with more accurate estimates when planning out trips ahead of time so they will know exactly what to expect every step of the way.

Some Other Rivian R1T and R1S Improvements

Let’s look at some other Rivian R1T and R1S improvements!

For starters, when your vehicle stays idle overnight, you'll no longer worry about unnecessary range loss. Rivian has managed to reduce it by more than 25% when the R1 vehicle is home, and Gear Guard is set to Off at Home or when Gear Guard is disabled.

The next impressive feature of the R1 update would be Driver+ – an AI assistant that anticipates hazards on the road ahead; giving preemptive warnings should there be a reduction in lane line visibility that prevents Highway Assist from sustaining performance.

Furthermore, R1 owners get an added advantage with the rollout of this update - they will now receive notifications when their vehicles detect a 12 V battery issue- so they can tackle them at once rather than cause a bigger problem later on if left unchecked.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Rivian R1 Update is indeed something to be in awe over. If you own or plan to acquire one soon then don't miss out on its many superb features and enhancements it brings within reach. It's set to revolutionize the EV experience without doubt!

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