Tesla Sweetens the Deal: Price Cuts, Free Paint, and No More Standard Range for Model S & X!

The introduction of Tesla’s Model 3 Project Highland in various markets around the world has got everyone scrambling. Speculation is rife and the hype surrounding Tesla’s future plans is palpable.

However, even as a tantalizing glimpse of what the coming months hold for us emerges, it appears that Tesla also has some exciting news for its two flagship electric vehicles – Model S Sedan and Model X SUV.

It’s no secret that Tesla is looking to make their vehicles more competitive in an increasingly crowded market. So, what exactly are these updates? What do they mean for you as a consumer?

Stay tuned as we bring you this blog which will answer all your questions about the changes implemented by Tesla on their iconic vehicles - from price cuts to free paint and no standard range options!

A Quick Look at Tesla's Model S and X Price Cuts!

In the United States, Tesla has made considerable price cuts to both its Model S and X cars. In particular, the base-level versions of each car have seen significant reductions - ranging from 15% for the Long Range variant of Model S right up to a reduction of nearly 19% on the same version of model X.

First off we'll take a look at the Model S Long Range. The entry-level Long Range now starts at $74,990 — down 15% from its previous starting price which was $88,490. With an EPA range (fully charged) of up to 405 miles per charge, it is still one of the most competitive mid/large sedans available today!

The next version which is the Model S Plaid starts at just $89,990 – that's an astonishing 17% less than before ($108,490)! But don't let this lower cost fool you; performance specs are much higher with 0-60 mph times in optimal conditions clocking in around 1.99 seconds – making it one of quickest mass produced passenger cars currently on sale right now!

Next comes the more expensive cousin, the Model X SUV. Similar reductions apply here too with prices plummeting by almost 19% for its Long Range edition—now starting out at just $79,990 compared to its previous starting price tag of $98,490. It receives even greater benefits thanks to being eligible for Federal tax credit under IRAC (Inflation Reduction Act) since its cheaper than $80k.

Finally, the efficiency doesn’t stop there as the top-tier Plaid version of Model X is now priced at $89,990 — again a reduction of 17%, compared to its original price of $108,490. With a 0-60 mph time that stands at an impressive two and half seconds - much better than its predecessor- customers today can enjoy this switch from high performance to higher utility for far less cost.

No Standard Range Options for Model S and X!

Moving on from the price cuts, Tesla has recently eliminated the Standard Range options for both its Model S and Model X vehicles (the Model S and the Model X had a standard range of 320 miles and 269 miles respectively).

Prior to this move, the prices of both cars hovered around $78,490 (Model S) and $88,490 (Model X), inclusive of applicable tax credits before further optional features were applied on top. These figures made them highly attractive offerings in comparison to neighboring saloon-style vehicles such as BMW's 5 series or Mercedes' E class.

It is unclear why exactly Tesla chose to remove these entry-level versions from their respective repertoires, but there are speculations that it could be because they were software-limited in order to achieve their unique lower ranges — thus undermining performance potential.

At any rate, since its announcement, many owners who own Standard Range versions still have expressed concerns regarding these upgrades – namely concerning whether or not accessories like Autopilot would remain accessible without requiring them to purchase costly additional packages!

Completely Free Paint Job (Even for Premium Colors)!

Finally, Tesla has also announced officially that all paint options for the Model S and Model X – including premium colors such as Ultra Red — will be completely free of charge. Now, potential buyers have an additional incentive to splurge on one of these gorgeous EVs and truly make it their own with no extra charges attached.

With this move, Tesla is effectively incentivizing customers to opt for more eye-catching and quality colors; inspiring them to realize their creative vision without worrying about going beyond an already expensive price tag.

This decision will further elevate how people perceive the flagship status of both vehicles, allowing drivers to be proud owners and take even more pride in their rides through unique design choices!

Ultimately, Tesla's goal remains clear: create something special through innovation while being customer centric by practically eliminating any obstacle when it comes down to creating/buying dream cars!

The Bottom Line

In summary, it's good to be a Tesla enthusiast these days. With the price cuts on their Model S and X vehicles, car enthusiasts can reap amazing value and tax benefits.

Furthermore, Tesla has discontinued their standard range models while offering free premium paint options as well - sweetening the deal even further!

With all that in mind, there's never been a better time to dive into the world of electric vehicles with Tesla leading the charge.

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