VinFast EVs See Rise in US Dealer Applications: 70+ and Counting!

When Vietnamese automaker VinFast announced it was entering the US electric car market early this year, few expected it to go quietly. Not only has the company sponsored episodes of Jimmy Kimmel Live, but it’s made it clear that it aims not just to make a splash but also grow fast.

Late Monday, the company said there are more than 70 dealers interested in carrying and selling its vehicles across what are likely key EV markets in North America – like Santa Monica, San Francisco and New York City.

Many companies arriving on a new continent might do well with one or two big-name dealers signing up; clearly VinFast wants to drum up much more excitement for its brand.

VinFast has so far Received 70 US Dealer Applications!

70 auto dealers in the US have applied to sell VinFast electric vehicles. Meanwhile, Vietnam-based VinFast is aiming to initially hawk its EVs through 125 points of sale.

By the end of 2024, however, it aims to expand that presence- via what it describes as a "nationwide" dealer network- to "hundreds" of points of sale.

The VF 8 will be available for delivery this year, with the VF 6, VF 7 and VF 9 expected in later years.

VinFast is Putting Policies in Place to Support its Early Adopters

Even though VinFast’s electric vehicles are effectively new to the U.S. scene, the company has put several policies in place to support its early adopters. The most notable of these is a 10-year/125,000-mile warranty for the vehicle itself and a 10-year/unlimited-mile policy for the EV’s battery.

Both warranties are– unsurprisingly– only available for non-commercial use; it’d be awfully tough to deplete an EV battery within just about any commercial application, so it makes sense that this protection is aimed squarely at drivers who need reliable transportation.

Additionally, VinFast says that interested dealers can submit requests to sell its vehicles and receive fulfilments either periodically or via air in urgent cases. This suggests that regardless of how quickly VinFast eventually scales in America (and around the world), it should have no problem getting inventory into those who want and need them.

Steve Tran (VinFast CEO North America) Believes EVs Should be Accessible to Everyone

Over the past several months, VinFast has seen an increased number of US dealer applications. The company- under North American CEO Steve Tran- is steadfast in its mission to make more electric vehicles (EVs) accessible to everyone.

Tran’s vision for VinFast is one that includes a vast and expansive business network able to deliver premium EVs with quality aftersales services at reasonable prices.

By bringing as many dealers into the fold as possible, VinFast can get its products on the market faster, meeting what it believes are massive needs from US customers who want outstanding EVs rendered with excellent service.

While cooperating with other industry entities including dealers will help ensure that VinFast’s goals will manifest quicker than they otherwise would!

VinFast also Plans to Expand in 50 Different Countries by 2024 End

VinFast also plans to expand in 50 different countries by the end of 2024. The company- hailing from Vietnam, no less- has ambitious targets outside of its home country and within Southeast Asia.

While many EV companies have eyes on dominating China, VinFast seemingly hopes that it can quickly grow and expand outside the world’s most populous nation. Given its name, one could reasonably expect rapid growth!

The Bottom Line

VinFast has seen more than 70 US dealer applications. And, with the brand’s North American CEO Steve Tran opting to ensure it “grows quickly in the United States”, we’re sure that number will rise.

Tran is also confident VinFast electric vehicles (EVs) are going to sell in tremendous numbers here, but only time will tell just how well VinFast can really do in America!

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