VinFast is set to unveil its latest electric vehicle concept at CES 2024

We are very accustomed to see a new electric vehicle coming to CES every year, with many startups bringing in their unique models and also focusing on certain features. VinFast is doing this in 2024, with their CES presence being very impressive and they are finally entering the electric pickup market. Their model is called the VF Wild, and it’s a concept at least for the time being.

With that in mind, the VF3 is their smallest EV and that is coming to the market very quickly. There aren’t details set completely in stone, as they are still working on it until the production model will start appearing. There are great things to like about the VinFast Wild model. According to the press, the truck comes with a mid size pickup dimension.

They also decided to have a folding mid-gate. The idea here would be to allow you to have the five foot bed turn into an eight foot bed once you unfold. That’s great because it will help provide more space, even though you will need to make a few changes.

Is there any data regarding the pricing or range?

For the time being, VinFast keeps the range of this car and also its price close to the chest. They do want to mass-produce the vehicle and it definitely looks incredible. But we understand that it can be very difficult to figure out a price considering the ever-evolving and increasing supply chain problems. Assessing that can be a challenge, but it’s definitely an important thing we have to take into account when it comes to a product like this.

What’s important to note is the company did not have any of its official images ready for the CES event. That means a lot of the stuff was last-minute, so we can see why we don’t expect this vehicle to come out for a while. The prototype is great and unique in its own right, but at the same time it certainly adds a lot of questions into the mix.

What should you know about the VF3?

The VF3 model was announced earlier during the year in Vietnam and it’s a city EV with 2 doors. They are trying to make it under $20000, so it’s bound to be quite the hit with most people. VinFast is from Vietnam, but they didn’t yet release that vehicle in their own country. A lot of people expect VinFast to release the car in Vietnam before any international release. However, it might take a while until we actually see that international release.

Aving a compact EV and a truck are on the radar, but what you will notice is that the company is already hard at work with a multitude of other projects. One of the major projects for them is to try and create new factories in the US, India, Indonesia and they also want to come up with a few set of vehicles too. That’s important and it shows the commitment that the company has at this particular time. How much of that will come to fruition is hard to tell, but the possibilities are limitless.

A very powerful engine

What a lot of people don’t know about VinFast is the fact that they were originally making vehicles with combustion engines. But they shifted to electric vehicles quickly, and now they are working on EVs exclusively. They started to create the VF8 SUV and they pushed it to deliver the vehicle to the US, but the rollout did not work very well.

The car has a length of 209 inches and it’s 79 inches wide. It might be a mid sized unit, but they also wanted to add a panoramic glass along with digital side mirrors. They do want to try and improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle, while also ensuring it will go through pretty much any challenge it will face on the road.

It seems that according to the VinFast team, they spent over 8000 hours trying to come up with the right design. According to them, the design is inspired by the superhero cape which is flowing in the wind. That’s quite an exciting idea, and it adds to the uniqueness and appeal of having such a vehicle in the first place.

The Wild moniker embraces the force of nature, showing that VinFast is actively going to surpass expectations on the road. Yet at the same time, the company is committed to the idea of having a green future, since it embraces many eco-friendly technologies.

Embracing the future of EVs

What’s interesting about the VF3 unit is that it has a range of 125 miles. Not too much, but for a city car that’s quite ok. When it comes to the pickup, we expect the range to be quite a bit more than that. However, with no details being shared at this time, we can only expect they are working on it and eventually we will receive more details.

VinFast had a rough time trying to break markets outside of their country. Their stock also fell a little when the new car was released, and on top of that, the VF8 crossover did not have the best reviews in the US. But despite that, a lot of people are optimistic that the VinFast cars are going to be a great option, especially if they keep a really good price.

One thing is certain, VinFast is not stepping out, if anything they are doubling down on the EV market and they will create multiple EVs in the near future. The step into this pickup market might seem like a gamble and a challenge, but it might also be the saving grace for the company at this time. The new model they showed recently at CES has quite the design, and it also seems to have a great range too. They don’t share all the necessary details quite yet, but the vehicle certainly seems like a good contender for most EV pickups!

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