What are the Advantages of Driving an Electric Vehicle in the City?


Although living in big cities is advantageous, it can also bring many troublesome situations. Noise and air pollution are at the forefront of these problems. Fortunately, with electric vehicles, it is possible to make city life more livable for both yourself and nature!

The concept of electric vehicle (EV) is one of the topics that has been discussed for many years. In recent years, as the climate crisis has deepened, interest in EVs has been steadily increasing. These vehicles offer a much more environmentally friendly transportation option compared to internal combustion engine vehicles.

Considering that there are millions of vehicles emitting carbon in the world, we can say that one of the most effective steps we will take against global warming is to switch to the use of EVs. Moreover, there are many advantages of using electric vehicles in the city. Well, how would you like to switch to electric vehicles for a more sustainable and more peaceful city life in terms of the conservation of energy resources? So, let's start to examine the advantages of using an electric vehicle in the city right away!

1. Minimal Noise Pollution

Since electric vehicles only work thanks to the electric motor, they cause minimal noise compared to conventional vehicles. The problem of individuals living in the city, especially in houses on the roadside, is being solved with the electric vehicle market , which has started to become widespread . Reducing noise pollution can reduce the fatigue and stress of not only the people staying but also the people who are on the road.

2. Effective Fight Against Environmental Pollution

The biggest difference between petrol and diesel vehicles and EVs is that electric vehicles don't have a clutch, tailpipe or transmission. In this way, exhaust gas emissions do not occur in these vehicles. In short , thanks to the environmental effects of electric vehicles , it is possible to create a cleaner environment for both today's society and future generations.

3. Low Cost in Expense Items

The cost of conventional vehicles running on gasoline and diesel is increasing day by day. The economic fluctuations experienced by both the world and the countries directly affect the prices of these fuels. However, in the case of electric vehicles, significant savings can be achieved in the money spent on fuel. In particular, the fact that many people live alone in city life makes single-person electric vehicles extremely advantageous at this point.

Electric vehicles can also have high costs like traditional vehicles. However, vehicle expenses in daily life after purchase remain at a much lower level than traditional vehicles. An electric vehicle consumes an average of 18 kWh of electricity on a 100-kilometer drive. The amount of electricity consumption of these vehicles corresponds to a much lower consumption than the fuel used by conventional cars.

3.1. Low Maintenance Bonus!

Traditional vehicles require more maintenance than electric vehicles. This can cause significant maintenance costs. Electric vehicles, on the other hand, do not have maintenance items such as oil, air and fuel filter changes or exhaust system control. Therefore, maintenance costs of electric vehicles are also lower compared to conventional cars.

4. Easy Charging

Electric vehicle charging stations are located at gas stations and most of the shopping malls. Especially in big cities, being able to charge vehicles in shopping malls also provides convenience for daily life. Instead of looking for a gas station after leaving the mall, vehicles can be charged while shopping. Thus, the risk of being stranded on the road can be minimized.

The range that EVs can go on a full charge is approximately between 150 km and 600 km, although it varies depending on the brand and model. Thus, it is possible to extend this period thanks to the easy charging possibilities. Moreover, there are fast charging stations to charge electric vehicles. Being able to charge EVs much faster with the fast charging stations.

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