What are the unique features that distinguish electric vehicles from other vehicles?


Of course, some of the features they have play a big role in the fact that electric vehicles have become so popular lately! So, do you know what these distinctive features are?

Electric vehicle (EV: Electric Vehicle) technologies are one of the main focus points of automobile companies that are committed to investing in the future. Environmentally friendly, comfortable and noise-free vehicles equipped with these unique features satisfy both vehicle manufacturers and users. So much so that giant car brands have already started announcing their plans for EVs!
Today, many companies that stand out with their quality and high standard cars aim to produce only electric vehicles in the coming years. The dates given for this are not too far away! For example, Ford will launch all of its cars four years later with electric vehicle types , either all-electric or plug-in hybrid.Audi aims to be a fully electric vehicle manufacturer by 2033. So what makes EVs so special?

1. Zero Carbon Emissions

In today's world where global warming is increasing, it is time to say stop to all kinds of factors that harm the environment. In particular, the negative effects of carbon gas released by conventional vehicles using gasoline and diesel are quite large for the environment! There is no dangerous gas emission during the use of fully electric cars without exhaust pipes. Due to these features, EVs are seen as an environmentally friendly solution partner in reducing the greenhouse gas effect.

2. Spacious Interior Space

Electric vehicles contain fewer vehicle parts than conventional cars . Also, the size of an electric motor is smaller than that of an internal combustion engine. This creates a much more spacious environment by increasing the interior space in electric cars .

3. Quick Charge Feature

New electric cars have fast charging , similar to mobile phones . In this way, it becomes possible to fill the battery of the electric vehicle around 80 percent in half an hour.

4. Regenerative Brake Mechanism

Regenerative braking , which is one of the important advantages of electric vehicles , refers to the recovery of energy in its simplest definition. Thanks to this feature, the motion energy generated during braking can be converted back into electrical energy and stored in the battery. This savings allows to increase the driving range of EVs.

5. Heat Control

Overheating, one of the serious problems of automobiles, becomes history with electric vehicles. Because the state-of-the-art thermal systems of EVs provide thermal control to keep the temperature constant within a certain range.

6. Quiet and Comfortable Journey

Since electric vehicles are powered by an electric motor, they operate much quieter than fossil-fueled cars, almost completely silently. This stands out as an element that increases the quality of the journeys.

7. Low Maintenance Costs

Electric vehicles contain far fewer parts than vehicles with internal combustion engines. This means fewer parts requiring maintenance! For example; While the average annual maintenance cost calculated for conventional vehicles is 9 thousand 200 dollars, the average maintenance costs of electric vehicles are 4 thousand 600 dollars.

8. Efficient Energy Use

Unlike vehicles that consume fossil fuels, EVs use at least 80 percent of the energy from the battery to power themselves. This puts electric vehicles ahead of conventional automobiles in terms of energy savings.

9. Bonus: Fully Autonomous Cars of the Future

Electric vehicle giant Tesla already has cars that work with a limited autopilot. However, fully autonomous cars are still in the experimental stage. Considering that technology is advancing at this rate, it can be said that the world of the future is not far from self-driving cars.

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