VinFast VF9 Review: What makes this Vietnamese Car stand out?

VinFast is a new Vietnamese automaker that aims to dominate the EV market with two of its models - the VF8 and the larger, three-row VF9. What sets VinFast apart from established industry players is their unique battery leasing program and attractive premium interior.

Speaking of firsts, the all-electric VF9 will be one of the few electric SUVs in existence, especially as a three-row vehicle. The car has an impressive horsepower rating enabling it to deliver high speeds while making sure your wallet does not pay a heavy price at under $60,000.

The biggest catch in this entire plan by VinFast automobile company is that individuals may choose either to buy or lease batteries for this vehicle at an extra monthly charge thus creating more flexibility for consumers looking for something affordable yet efficient option.

Exterior design and colors.

The Vinfast VF9 is a distinctive electric vehicle with an exterior design that stands out from the crowd. At the front, the car features headlights to its V-emblemed center and pop-out door handles that add a sense of flair. The strongly defined fenders paired with a rearmost side window separated from its middle counterpart by the C-pillar give it a classy, unique appearance overall.

No matter which trim you choose - Eco or Plus – alloy wheels are included. The Eco trim offers 20" alloys while Plus has 21". There’s also a power liftgate for convenience plus hands free access for added safety when loading cargo onto it.

When it comes to colors, there’s plenty of choice too! Seven hues in total: Braminy White, Jet Black, Desat Silver, Crimson Red, Neptune Gray and Deep Ocean combined with VinFastBlue really make this EV stand out for sure but what takes precedence is Sunset Orange – one of the most stunning colors available on any car these days!

Engine and Performance.

The Vinfast VF 9 takes electric performance to a new level. This three-row SUV has an all-wheel drive system powered by dual electric motors that produces 402 hp and 457 lb-ft of torque. This makes the VF 9 very quick, with a 0–60 mph sprint time of 7.2 seconds for the Standard Range Battery version or 6.3 seconds with the Enhanced Range Battery option. These times compare favorably to other three row SUVs with conventional powertrains, demonstrating how powerful electric motoring can be in this segment of vehicles.

The VF9 also offers Eco, Normal, and Sport driving modes allowing you to optimize your performance needs based on conditions at hand while still ensuring great efficiency from the battery pack. However, true performance details are not yet known as the vehicle is still awaiting further testing before it goes into production later this year.

Charging and Battery Life

The VinFast VF 9 SUV offers two battery options: 92 kWh and 123 kWh. The 92kWh version has a targeted range of 272 miles when in Eco Mode and 262 miles in Plus mode. With the larger 123kWh battery, these figures become 369 miles (Eco) and 360 miles (Plus).

DC Fast charging can charge from 10% to 70% with the 92 kWh battery in 26 minutes, whereas with the bigger 123 kWh pack this increases slightly to 35 mins. In 2022, VinFast will be rolling out two charging deals with Electrify America as well as their own 'VinFast Charged Up Program', which includes complimentary charging for new owners plus $1,200 credit towards installation of a level 2 home charger together with one year's free subscription to Smart Driving Package.

Interior design and Cargo

The Vinfast VF9 promises luxurious interior and cargo space. The layout is mostly devoid of physical controls; instead, a 15.6 inch touchscreen display with head-up display (HUD) will show the driver all key information while on the road.

The colors available for the cabin include Granite Black, Saddle Brown, Cotton Beige, and Navy Blue with contrast stitching on dashboard, seats and door panels that add to its overall look.

Other notable features included are eight Type A USB ports spread throughout the cabin including pair in third row for connecting devices, Wi-Fi connectivity, wireless charging and 13-speaker sound system standard even in base trim.

Plus trim gets leather upholstery plus 12 way power adjustable driver's seat along with heated second row seats for added comfort while driving as well as ventilated first two rows plus massaging function in front rows to keep you relaxed during long drives. An optional captain chair is also offered which reduces seating capacity from seven to six people without removing any extra cargo space so you can still jam pack things inside this car if needed!

Cargo space of Vinfast VF9 isn't official yet but expected to be decent based on its length size compared to other cars like Honda Odyssey or Chrysler Pacifica Minivan both having good number of storage spaces behind last row available too.

Safety features.

Ensuring driving safety is VinFast’s top priority. The automaker demonstrates its commitment to drivers by equipping both trims with intelligent driver aid technologies and 11 airbags.

This includes numerous advanced features such as adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, a blind-spot detection system, a 360-degree surround-view monitoring system that guarantees optimal visibility on all sides of the car while driving. That's not all; there's also a driver monitoring system in place.

The manufacturers have ensured that their vehicles come equipped with commendable technological advancements, such as traffic jam assist and auto-lane change assist features. These respective models are even designed for remote parking – an impressive feature in itself - making it more convenient than ever to park your vehicle safely! And if these aren't enough for you, rest assured because this includes Highway Assist Level-2 technology too.

The Bottom Line

Many EV startups come and go these days, but VinFast stands out with its impressive production goals and promising approach to pricing.

Rather than the conventional practice of negotiating the price for both car and battery, VinFast personalizes a membership based on estimated consumption. This innovation separates battery cost from the vehicle's purchase value; thus it assumes all risks that concern batteries. Consequently, this lowers costs while assuring product quality- providing confidence about their battery's reliability down the line.

As for the VF 9, it is yet to be tested by experts, so we reserve our judgement on whether to buy it or not. Keep checking on this blog as we will update on our decision soon.

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