XPENG G9 Review: Has XPENG finally hit the target?

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Electric vehicles have become increasingly popular in recent years; the global demand for battery-powered cars is rapidly growing. But while Tesla has dominated the market, other companies are looking to challenge their supremacy. One of those challengers is XPENG G9 – an electric car manufactured by Chinese EV manufacturer Xpeng Motors, whose released was met with high expectations.

Taking into consideration features like acceleration speed, top speed capabilities and range life - along with a comprehensive comparison study on pricing variations as well as feature set diversity – this detailed review will provide us valuable insight about the newest entry on the electric vehicle scene made by Xpeng Motors and how it matches up against its competitors.


The Xpeng G9 has a design that will stop you in your tracks. Resembling the P7 ‘light saber’ running lights family car, it has an unmistakable presence. LiDAR and DLR units are housed lower down, meaning the windscreen is free from tech above for maximum visibility.

At first glance, its minimalist look and attractive white/black paint combo draw attention to the details of this vehicle; gloss black plastic trim below the bonnet with 71 liters of storage in its frunk; softly sculpted shoulders and doors blending into an overall sleek appearance; blacked-out roof bars & window frames on our test car seen – all working together to give this EV a muscular stance.

Additionally, we have a full width lightbar across its tail with glossy black plastic detail providing visual enhancement without feeling weighed down. And lastly, there’s a rear spoiler concealing top mounted rear wiper plus 660/1576 liter boot expandable when seats fold down for added space whenever needed.

For those who appreciate exquisite design as well as performance, The Xpeng G9 should be at the top of their list!


XPENGs have always had great tech and on-road dynamics, but it was their questionable interiors that took some of the shine away from an otherwise impressive package. The P7, for example had decent design but cheap materials while its predecessor, the P5 lacked basic functions like climate control in rear seats. XPENG seemed to be confused between whether they wanted to compete with mainstream brands or go up against premium offerings from rivals like Tesla.

Thankfully G9 has addressed these issues by completely turning around its interior design with beautiful touches such as Canton Tower chairs for your front passengers and an expansive dual 15.6 inch screens at the back which will definitely impress anyone who enters the vehicle! You also get ambient lighting options along with a two spoke steering wheel which looks different versus traditional three spoke ones you see in most cars these days.

The cabin space is excellent thanks to its huge 3 metre long wheelbase ensuring there is enough room even for third row seating occupants making it ideal if you plan on going out on long journeys or roadtrips with your friends/family.

Entertainment features.

XPENG G9 features XPENG's own software that is intuitively designed for maximum interactivity while driving. Its best in class voice recognition skills keep drivers from taking their eyes off the road while its passenger side screen filter prevents digital distraction.

Additionally, the driver seat offers full adjustability plus headrest speakers that call out notifications when needed. The passenger seat can recline with one-touch activation and leg rest mode available for extra comfort. Rear seats feature base cushion extension and backrest angle adjustment (up to 10 degrees) aiding in relaxation during long drives or providing stellar support when tackling curves on twisty roads.

For audio buffs looking for an extra kick, there’s also a 28-unit 2250W DynAudio sound system with 5D Opera System that literally combines audio units with other features like fragrance system, ventilation as well as massage functions - basically transforming your vehicle into a symphony hall! This is a major improvement on all previous XPENG models.

Driving dynamics

The Xpeng G9 stands out with its dynamic driving performance and advanced technology. It utilizes a Dual Chamber Air Suspension and Continuous Damping Control to ensure smooth handling over rough surfaces, allowing for maximum comfort even at high speeds. The EV also provides an incredibly whisper-quiet drive; the G9 is quieter than the P7 thanks to the optimized air flow system, Michelin tires, and noise isolation materials in the cabin.

The steering on this vehicle is adjustable from easy to sporty via a simple tweak of settings in the Driving menu that includes Comfort+, Eco+ or Sport+. The exterior dimension are also quite practical - 4.891-metres long, 1.937-metres wide and 1.67-metres tall - allowing for easy placing & parking due to its large windows & camera system along with ultrasonic sensors that make up part of its XNGP ADAS functionalities including Highway Autonomous Driving and City Autonomous Driving powered by NVIDIA DRIVE Orin-X (508 TOPS).


The Xpeng G9 is powered by a 230kW rear-mounted motor boasting 430Nm of torque, and in its Performance version also has two motors producing 405kW and 717Nm. It can go from 0-100kph in 6.4 seconds (RWD form) or 3.9 seconds (in the dual-motor guise).

The G9 also has a 78.2 kWh battery for the RWD models and 98KWh batteries for both RWD and AWD variants; with a single motor version claiming CLT range of 702km, double motor 650km, standard battery 570km - though real world use will likely be around 77%.

But regardless of engine type it makes use of an 800V architecture to allow for 4C supercharging – allowing you to get 200 km in five minutes – as well as using 3C chargers which give 130 km in five minutes charging time.

The Bottom Line

XPENG's newest car, the G9, may be their most significant launch yet. Their new product shows that they are now making mature choices and better planning when it comes to product design.

The G9 is a marked improvement in almost every way offering sumptuous styling, an excellent interior rich with features, industry-leading ADAS safety system, polished road manners- everything you could ask for at this price point.

Speaking of cost,the price of the top-notch flagship model starts at 469,900 RMB – which puts it on par or even lower than some competitors such as the ES7 that costs 468,000 RMB (~$64,500) without much extra added value.The more sustainable option for driving is ES7 that has its battery rented out and brings down the cost to 398,000 RMB (~$54,900). Meanwhile,the entry-level BMW iX in China will set you back a whopping 746,900 RMB(~$103K).

So not only do buyers get what critics consider to be an excellent SUV with amples seats spaced comfortably enough,but also various standard amenities often missing from others which sets XPENG apart from its competitors.

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