Tesla Model X: Is it worth the hype?

For many drivers, combustion engines are no longer the go-to for personal transportation. Rather, electric vehicles have proliferated in recent years and a race between auto makers has begun to provide consumers with increasingly advanced features and capabilities at greater ranges of distance. Among those vying for buyers' attention is Tesla's Model X -- an electric SUV that boasts impressive performance credentials in addition to its sleek design.

In this review we will break down the various elements which make up the Tesla Model X from its powertrain technology and battery life to peripheral features such as semi-autonomous driving capabilities via Autopilot which allow the driver increased ease when taking on long journeys.

1. Performance and Driving dynamics

The Tesla Model X is a luxury electric SUV designed for the best performance, comfort and safety. It has generously sized windows that stretch up to the roofline, giving good visibility and an airy feel. Safety features like emergency braking, collision warning and blind-spot monitoring help take some of the stress out of navigating around tight city streets while Sentry Mode monitors your car when it's parked.

For those who need a bit more assistance in avoiding accidents on the road, you can add on an optional Enhanced Autopilot pack which adds driver assists such as Autopark and Smart Summon feature.

In town navigation can be tricky with its left-hand drive only layout; visibility at junctions or narrow street are not ideal. However once on motorways, near silence prevails with high power available for any sudden overtaking manoeuvres - thanks to its rapid acceleration capabilities from 0-100 km/h in just 3 seconds!

2. Space and Practicality

The Tesla Model X has a roomy and comfortable interior with an incredibly spacious cabin thanks to its flat floor, tall roofline combined with the large windows and panoramic windscreen. It also includes adjustable front seats for any shape or size. There are door bins in the front doors that can carry larger bottles as well as handbags.

The centre console holds cupholders while there is an angled section at the base of the dashboard designed to charge phones or store small items like wallets. The huge storage bin under the central armrest is also great for keeping things handy and out of sight when needed.

Depending on seating capacity, you have five seat (2+3) which offers three individual second row seats that can be adjusted for adults; replacing this seat by a middle chair provides enough space in 6-seat version and adding two smaller third row chairs best suited for children give 7-seat car model option. Overall boot space varies depending on 5, 6 or 7-seaters - it stands 425l behind 3rd row (for 6 & 7), 1050l with all seats up (5)and up tp 2614l with just driver/passenger seated only! Plus, don’t forget about loading area: it is flat plus fairly wide such that adjustable boot floor makes sure you can configure size according to need without creating mess inside main cabin space.

3. Interior style, infotainment, and accessories.

The Tesla Model X boasts an eye-catching interior style, with its angular dash and 12.3 inch digital driver display giving a futuristic feel to the cabin. The 17 inch landscape infotainment screen is the main method of interacting with functions in the car, but unfortunately there’s no Android Auto or Apple CarPlay here; Bluetooth connectivity is available however. There’s also a 22 speaker 960 watt audio system for your listening pleasure.

If you opt for white leather upholstery it adds an extra bit of flair to proceedings thanks to its glossy finish, while occupants in the second row can enjoy their own 8 inch digital display too – perfect for keeping all passengers amused during those longer journeys down south!

As if this wasn’t enough entertainment already, Model X offers wireless controller compatibility so that everyone can play games together on the go as well as being able to watch shows too – how cool! USB charging ports are provided front and rear so you won’t run out of power either.

4. Electric Range and Charging.

The Tesla Model X provides its drivers with a choice between two electric motors and tri-electric motor configuration. With the powered dual or three options, it has a 100kWh battery pack that allows for impressive range estimates of 358 miles on the regular model and 337 miles on full charge from Plaid version.

Reaching 0-60mph in 3.8 seconds in its regular model or 2.5 seconds for Plaid version - thanks to the combined power of 1,020hp which is faster than most supercars - you can keep zooming around without worrying about charging time too much as Superchargers allow up to 175 miles of range just with 15 minutes of charging time! The trade off may be longer charge times but at this velocity, you are looking at one incredible ride certainly worth your wait!

5. Safety and Security

The Tesla Model X is one of the safest cars on the road, with a full 5 star Euro NCAP rating in 2019. The car scored among the highest results for adult occupancy and safety assist.

Tesla takes their safety very seriously and it’s no surprise that they include a range of features to help keep drivers safe on the roads. These include Basic Autopilot, emergency braking, collision warning blind spot monitoring and keyless entry - making sure you are always secure in your vehicle.

For an extra fee you can upgrade to Enhanced Autopilot which adds extra features such as adaptive cruise control, automatic lane changing and car summoning remotely from parking bays - giving you complete peace of mind when travelling long distances or when stuck in traffic jams.

Should you buy the Tesla Model X?

Tesla Model X, once considered a trailblazer, is now struggling to compete in an ever-expanding market. Two models of the popular electric car are available today: starting with the standard dual-motor base SUV that delivers 670 horsepower and provides a 348-mile range based on EPA ratings.

The second model, Plaid Edition offers more robust engine power than Basic yet requires a higher purchase price. This version provides astonishing horsepower of 1020 and can travel as far as 333 miles between charges. However what truly causes us concern is its underwhelming cabin interiors definitely not up to high-end luxury standards one typically expects from six-figure priced cars.

Overall while we agree with Tesla's reputation for being innovative in its field and adding prestige to anyone who buys it but when you weigh in other variables like better performance precision or state-of-the-art interior design offered by competitors at lower prices do question the value proposition both Base or Plaid editions offer.

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