VinFast VF8 Review: Is it really worth your time?

The electric vehicle market is constantly evolving as automakers use the latest available technologies to create more efficient and performance-oriented models. Among them, there stands out VinFast's VF8, an option that promises spectacular performances and sets it apart from other rivals. However, to really measure how well this car fares against its competition in terms of pricing variations and feature set diversity--or even if it can complete tasks such as towing boats/trailers over long distances at high speeds with zero emissions outputs--a review will be key. Thus, I have put this car under the microscope in order to provide a comprehensive insight into what potential buyers should expect from VinFast's VF8 model when making their purchasing decision.

Interior design

The Vinfast VF8 is an impressive car when it comes to interior design and build quality. The cabin of the VF 8 is quite spacious and will be able to accommodate four adults comfortably in luxurious comfort due to its roomy seating configuration. Car controls are hosted on a massive central command screen, based off Android OS as well as VinFast's own interface. Unfortunately there appears to be some software issues still being worked through with this system that should be considered when assessing it further.

In terms of cargo space, the VF 8 appears generous too thanks mainly to its large frunk which adds extra storage for smaller items such as bags or gadgets. Currently though we have no official numbers released detailing how much total cargo capacity this vehicle offers compared with rivals - although some commentators suggest it may even challenge class leading competitors on this front once proper measurements are confirmed.


The Vinfast VF8 is an electric car that has a usable 82 kWh (90 kWh raw) battery. The base Eco model of the VF 8 produces 348 combined horsepower and 368 combined lb-ft torque, enough to take it from 0 to 96 km/h in 6 seconds flat. This configuration also gives it WLTP rated range of 510 km on one charge.

On the other hand, the Plus model delivers 402 horsepower and 457 lb-ft of torque; taking this car from 0 to 96 km/h in 5.3 seconds with a WLTP certified range 460km per full charge cycle.

People who have tested the car find its acceleration smooth but not overly impressive which is expected from an EV in this segment. It offers adequate straight line performance with a sense of mass however some improvement can be observed for regenerative braking system. Its brakes are good but could be better given how advanced technology used in EVs these days.

Driving dynamics

The VinFast VF8 offers two versions: Eco and Plus, with estimated 0-62mph times of 6.5s and 5.5s respectively. Both vehicles come equipped with a single motor configuration, however the exact power output remains unknown.

When driving the Vinfast VF8, it is important to leave it in Normal mode as Sport mode makes the accelerator too sensitive for everyday use and can make overtakes difficult to execute smoothly without extra effort from your right foot.

The brakes are also quite uneven if you need to perform an emergency stop - adding insult to injury, the regenerative driving experience leaves much desired after trying out other EV rivals such as Tesla or Jaguar I-Pace. The steering also lacks feel while turning corners due its quick response ratio so body roll becomes more tangible during harder cornering sessions - all of this combined creates car sickness if you’re not used to faster speed limits! All in all, an unsatisfying driving experience compared to some of its major EV competitors on offer today.


The Vinfast VF8 does not offer the most comfortable ride due to its inadequate suspension. The seats in the VF 8 are generally regarded as uncomfortably stiff with limited lumbar and thigh support. However, all VF 8 City Editions come standard with heated, power-adjustable front seats for extra comfort and convenience - the Plus model even offers ventilated front seats.

The climate control system within the VF 8 is fairly easy to use although some have complained that fans can be quite loud while trying to cool down or heat up quickly. Nevertheless, it is still effective at keeping temperatures comfortable during both warm and cold days alike.

Tech features

The Vinfast VF 8 comes with a single center-mounted touchscreen that displays the speedometer, climate controls, and navigation system. The standard head-up display can be easily seen even when wearing polarized sunglasses. Easy voice commands are available to adjust the climate control or radio and wireless Apple CarPlay / Android Auto is also standard. Plus it's got a wireless charging pad so you don't have to deal with cords all over your car.

Driver aids include adaptive cruise control, blind spot warning, automatic emergency braking, traffic sign recognition and more! In addition OTA updates will provide additional driver aids like smart parking & summon features making it an ideal choice for technologically savvy drivers who want safety along with convenience.

The Bottom Line

Driving this car is like driving a prototype. The car feels unfinished since ride quality needs tuning, some of the electronics systems are disorganised and certain materials used aren’t up to par for modern cars. Rushing its launch isn’t understandable given that a little bit more time fixes the flaws experienced by everyone involved in testing.

Now hitting the market with VF 8 won't do any good; it's no different from others and will end up giving Vinfast an awful reputation that may last decades, if not forever.

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