Navigating Streets with Tesla FSD's Autosteer: The New Era of Full Self-Driving!

Are you ready to experience driving at a completely new level? That’s right, Tesla has just unveiled its Autosteer on city streets function for Full Self-Driving (FSD), and it’s all set to revolutionize the way we navigate roads.

The launch of this functionality comes a few days after Tesla made significant price cuts in the US for FSD - demonstrating their commitment to making autonomous driving accessible to everyone. With Autosteer, overcoming obstacles and navigating even busy city streets becomes simpler than ever before!

So, what’s in store for consumers with this groundbreaking feature? Let’s take a deeper look at Autosteer and find out all the ways in which it helps you navigate roads like never before!

What is Tesla Autosteer?

Tesla FSD (Full Self-Driving) is a suite of advanced driver-assistance features that enable cars to take control and drive themselves, with or without human supervision, in certain situations.

It has basic autopilot functions such as Lane Keeping Assist and Auto-park as well as advanced capabilities such as Enhanced Autopilot Plus, Traffic Light & Stop Sign Control, which grants the user amazingly convenient access to this extra level of automated driving.

Amidst all these amazing autonomous capabilities lies Tesla’s prized feature - the Autosteer on city streets. The goal here is not necessarily to replace humans while navigating through busy urban roads but rather offer an alternative choice depending on how comfortable you might feel with the assistance.

But how does this feature work exactly?

Tesla’s Autosteer on city streets allows the car to detect obstacles, traffic signs & lights and maneuver its way around them. Using special cameras installed in each vehicle, Autosteer collects the visual information surrounding it and process this data using NVIDIA's self-driving computer.

Once successful in understanding this information – thanks to the processing power of AI technology –Autosteer is then able to facilitate a smoother driving experience while navigating between multiple lanes.

At present, Tesla FSD's Autosteer feature on city streets is only available for use within boundaries of United States (excluding New Mexico). Impressively however, certain parts of Europe are said to be given access to this feature soon - further expanding your autonomous driving capabilities internationally!

Tesla Autosteer Listed as “Coming Soon” in Tesla’s Configurator

Tesla’s Autosteer feature has been in development for a long time, and as of recently, it is finally listed on Tesla’s configurator under “Coming Soon.”

The Autosteer feature will allow Tesla vehicles to drive autonomously on city streets with no human assistance. The recent update comes after Tesla updated its configurator last week to include pricing information for its Full Self-Driving (FSD) package that costs $12,000 – a reduction from the previous asking price of $15,000 ($3,000 savings).

According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, future updates will likely increase the price of Autosteer as it gets improved over time. At present however Auto Steer on city streets can be enabled as a standard feature for Tesla vehicles, which means drivers no longer have to manually steer when driving in low-speed environments.

Tesla’s Autosteer has been described by some as the game changer in autonomous technology, with incredibly advanced safety and efficiency benefits compared to the traditional approach of manual steering. Musk himself commented that "this will make life so much more relaxing…Driving should be an enjoyable experience."

Autosteer is Only Available in US (For the time being)

Tesla has recently unveiled its Full Self-Driving (FSD) capabilities in both China and Europe.

FSD allows for automatic assisted navigation driving, lane change, as well as other obvious features like Enhanced Autopilot. As of now however, the US is still ahead of the game with one particular technology: Autosteer on city streets.

No Autosteer for China

In China, the FSD package contains not only Automatic assisted navigation driving but also lane change from their Autopark feature.

Although with this impressive set of features available to Chinese Tesla owners, unfortunately their version still lags slightly behind compared to US customers as it’s missing out on Enhanced Autopilot and Traffic light/stop sign control.

The FSD package in China would cost you RMB 64,000 ($8,803). Having said that however; if the Automatic assisted navigation driving setup isn’t enough for you and are eager to get your hands on Autosteer on city streets technology – then an upgrade is necessary.

The current option available right now is in the US only and therefore Chinese Tesla owners are unable to make use of it at this point in time.

Europe Too Misses Out on Autosteer

In Europe, FSD comes with Basic Autopilot and Enhanced Autopilot features which costs €7,000 ($7,477). It has the same capabilities as its counterpart in China but unfortunately doesn’t quite offer Autosteer on city streets yet.

As such; those wanting to experience this feature would need to turn elsewhere (in other words: wait for a potential release outside of America) if they'd like to drive their Tesla’s full-automatically around town.

So far there's no clear indication from Tesla that it plans on extending these features overseas soon or whether or not an upgrade with extra fees would be available later down the line!

The Bottom Line

Tesla Autosteer is creating waves in the global EV market as it navigates the streets of US cities.

However, Chinese and European Tesla models are yet to join their American cousins in this thrilling experience on four wheels.

As we wait for Tesla to roll out Autosteer for all its cars across the globe, we can only observe with keen hope that soon enough everyone would have access to a technology which will revolutionize how we get around our cities!
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