The All-New Model 3 Highland Aero Wheels: Tesla Outdoes Itself Yet Again!

Driving a Tesla Model 3 is already an experience in style and performance - but the company just stepped things up even more with its recently announced upgrades to the “Highland” version.

From improved aerodynamics to enhanced exterior visibility, it's hard to choose which of these new features is best! But if we had to pick one, then there would be no mistaking that the upgraded Aero wheels for the Model 3 “Highland” have got us all giddy with anticipation.

With their bold yet sleek design, these new wheels are both aesthetically pleasing as well as extremely functional. So, let's take a more detailed look into why they're causing such a stir in the EV community - and what kind of incredible technological improvements lie within them!

Tesla Aero Covers Improve Range and Efficiency

Tesla's Aero wheel covers may not be the most aesthetically pleasing additions to its fleet of vehicles, but there’s no denying that they offer a useful purpose. Fitted on Tesla Electric Vehicles (EVs), these wheel covers have been designed for optimum aerodynamics and serve to drastically improve vehicle efficiency as well as range.

A study conducted in 2019 by Car and Driver provides data that bolsters this point. In line with Tesla’s claims, the study found a significant decrease in energy consumption as well as improved range when Aero wheel covers were used on the Model 3.

Despite all this evidence however, many owners have chosen to take off their Aero caps off their own vehicles, revealing a sleek shiny wheel underneath – choosing form over function with a certain flair for aesthetics. Removing these caps boast an admirable sporty look which has seemingly become a trend amongst many owners.

In addition to the newfound aesthetics, some owners claim that the wheels behind these covers are aesthetically superior as well – and they prefer no cap at all!

New Model 3 Highland has Even More Sportier Wheels

Tesla has unveiled a new wheel design for the Model 3, giving it an even sportier look. Fans of Tesla's original Model 3 wheels will enjoy the upgrade from their beloved car. The new wheels feature a much more frenetic and contemporary aesthetic, with multiple spokes in place to boost its overall appeal. This helps give the already stylish vehicle another level of pizzazz that may have been missing before on earlier versions.

The wheels also come with its own set of Aero covers. This serves both primarily to aid in increased efficiency during driving conditions, but the design of them contributes overall to the new look as well. The sporty vibe remains despite their existence, something that is quite impressive considering that they are often viewed from a more utilitarian perspective.

In addition to just looks and performance though, these Model 3 Highland wheels offer an aesthetically pleasing look even with the aerodynamics now in play. The overall design has been given a refresh, and these new wheels prove that Tesla is taking all of its considerations seriously in order to evolve the car as much as possible.

Model 3 Highland has Already Begun to Receive Positive Reviews

The excitement surrounding Tesla’s new Model 3 Highland is palpable, with reviews already flooding in and first deliveries expected next month.

Fast becoming the talk of the town amongst Tesla enthusiasts worldwide, Model 3 Highland is making headlines for more than just its good looks and convenience-adding features. Endorsed by celebrated motoring personalities, the sleek ride has so far received mostly positive reviews!

Its sleek, white-hued exterior and understatedly cool interior cabin come embroidered in the highest quality materials – an upgrade made possible through contributions towards the new model from its passionate fan base. Taking on board the feedback of committed owners, Tesla has furnished the Model 3 Highland with its most comfortable yet robust components to date.

With first deliveries expected to begin rolling out this October, there are already reports of online configurators being launched outside the US.

The Bottom Line

Tesla continues to innovate and push the boundaries of what’s possible in electric vehicle technology with the all-new Model 3 Highland Aero Wheels.

Not only does it feature a brand new wheel cover, designed to reduce drag and increase range, but it also has an improved and sporty design beneath. With more spokes than before, you can expect incredible stability and handling from these stylish wheels – perfect for cruising around town!

The Model 3 Highland represents yet another giant leap forward for Tesla Motors Ltd., and we can certainly expect such revolutionary features in their upcoming offerings too!
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