Tesla Cybertruck: First Look at Charging Port and Tow Hitch of Release Candidate Model!

Attention, Tesla fans! A recent sighting of a Cybertruck release candidate at a Supercharger station has sent shockwaves across the auto industry – and videos from the scene have provided us with vital insight into some of its features.

Most notably, we got our first good look at what appears to be the pickup’s charging port and tow hitch. This opens up so many possibilities for users of this innovative electric vehicle!

But what do these newly-revealed features signify? What impact will they ultimately have on you as an owner or user? And above all else - when can you expect to see the official model in retail stores around the world?

We will attempt to answer these questions here today, so let’s take a closer dig into everything related to Tesla Cybertruck's upcoming release! 

Leaked Video of Tesla Cybertruck Release Candidate (RC) Model

Last week, electric vehicle enthusiasts were sent into a frenzy after Cybertruck sightings on public roads.

Reports pointed to suspicious decals labelled “RC” covering various parts of the vehicle. It didn't take long for Tesla fanatics to interpret this as "release candidate" and speculate that it may be the final iteration of the product prior to entering production stage.

The observed RC model made an appearance near Las Vegas Supercharger station. With further inspection and analysis from fans, numerous wires and sensors can clearly be seen throughout different areas of the truck's exterior shell — indicating enhanced monitoring processes up-close during testing phases!

The most notable sensors were placed near the truck’s charging port as well as the passenger window. As such, this sparks further anticipation that Tesla may be creating an improved power delivery system for their second-generation Cybertruck.

Inside sources also indicate possible advancements being made in order to provide an optimized charging experience along with reliable and faster battery changing capabilities.

Video Clearly Shows Supercharger Port and a Tow Hitch

Clear footage from a bystander passing by shows an impressive 24-foot trailer being pulled behind a CyberTruck with wires and sensors in similar areas as previous sightings reported.

The video nicely illustrates the massive size of Elon Musk's all-electric pickup truck as it easily tows what appears to be a large cargo trailer along the relentless highway. Furthermore, upon closer inspection it can clearly be seen that the vehicle also features its own unique tow hitch fitting for these types of tasks – taken straight from the factory no less!

It was suggested by the passerby’s comments that the tow hitch looked dangerously close to hitting a Supercharger stall located in the same vicinity. Following up on these speculations and upon closer review of video, it can indeed be confirmed that there is a charging port situated on this particular vehicle's driver side rear wheel well not far from where the trailer hooks up.

This latest sighting also tells us how the Supercharger cable would need to stretch out quite far in order reach the vehicle's charging port. All this while it is behind a hefty trailer, no less!

If these reports are true and accurately reflect what takes place during typical Tesla Cybertruck usage, then we can confidently surmise that Musk’s iron man pick-up truck – complete with its own tow hitch – could easily accommodate towing purposes should owners ever need it.

Tesla Cybertruck Official Release Might be Just Round the Corner!

Excitement continues to build as Tesla's highly anticipated Cybertruck appears to be on the verge of its official release. Reports from recent sightings come pouring in with an increasing number of prototype vehicles being spotted out and about on the roads.

Tesla has committed to shipping a few units throughout California beginning this August with pre-order numbers said to have reached a staggering 650,000. As such, imminent customer deliveries of the Cybertruck are expected in the following months as Tesla makes way for official releases shortly after.

The recent trend of sightings across Los Angeles also mark another significant milestone: testers have finally laid eyes on fully working release candidates; these vehicles taking short drives can be seen sporting matte black exteriors and distinct features that reportedly reduce drag.

Perhaps most intriguingly however is an invitation to uncover the details surrounding this highly anticipated launch being offered through Tesla's Referral Program! A limited number of customers will soon receive personal confirmation emails granting them exclusive access to pre-order reservations and an invitation no less for a livestream event unveiling the finished product live!

The Bottom Line

That was a sneak peek at the Tesla Cybertruck Release Candidate Model and its features.

The video may not have revealed much, apart from some sensors as well as a new texture finish on the tow hitch and supercharging port.

But with several of these models now being spotted on roads all across the United States, one can't help but be excited for an upcoming release of this futuristic vehicle. It looks like Tesla's idea of sustainable mobility is soon going to be realized!

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