Tesla Supercharger Innovates with Pull-Through Charging Stalls!

Tesla owners who regularly tow are often faced with a common problem when charging at Superchargers - namely, the difficulty of detaching their trailers. To help address this issue, Tesla has been busy innovating and introducing pull-through charging lanes to some of its larger stations.

This week, one such station opened in Quartzsite, Arizona boasting 60 stalls, 2 of which are specifically designed to be 'tow-friendly'. Boasting solar canopies as well as many regular stalls, this massive Supercharger is certainly worth a closer look!

So, let's take a deep dive into what makes it so special - both for EV enthusiasts and those who enjoy taking their electric vehicles on the road with them. 

New Tesla Supercharger Station in Quartzsite Arizona is Tow-Friendly

Tesla has recently opened a brand new Supercharger station in Quartzsite, Arizona – and the announcement came via Tesla Charging X’s Twitter profile.

It’s no surprise this Supercharger station is the talk of the town considering its innovative features. The Quartzsite Tesla charging station boasts four custom solar canopies of varying sizes that offer both shade and visual interest for customers while their cars charge up.

What has gained a lot of attention however, as noted in their Twitter post, is one particular feature: two entire pull-through lane specifically designed for trailers! This section sits alongside two other regular stalls – all combined with accessible entry and exit points make it easier than ever for those with trailers to charge up their cars without any hassle.

The list of tow-friendly Super-chargers has been available on the Tesla Motors Club forum. This post on hand is updated continuously and Quartzsite - equipped with its brand new charging stall – made it to the master list!

This popular station works together with other pull-through lanes located at different grid locations across North America!

Some Interesting Features of this Supercharging Station

This new Supercharger station in Quartzsite, Arizona promises fast and easy charging for Tesla electric cars drivers.

It is situated on Main Event Lane right off the heavily traveled Interstate 10 which runs from Florida to California. In total this station boasts 84 stalls - 60 of them currently active and 24 covered while remaining under construction - all equipped with V3 Superchargers offering up to 250 kW max power for an ultra-fast charge.

Besides the 84 supercharging stalls, there is also a combination of V2 and V3 Superchargers that are located close by this station. So, for Tesla electric vehicle drivers wishing to switch out plugs in between charging sessions, they’ll have no problem finding one at another nearby location.

This is ideal if you’re making a long-haul drive and need multiple stops for charge along the way rather than having to stick to just one place. Though the current station is only partially complete, once it's finished all those superchargers will be lined up in one location.

This makes for quite a sight and serves as an additional convenience to passing drivers who can get their transport back to 100% with just a quick stop on Main Event Lane.

The News Came Just Months After Ford, General Motors(GM) and Rivian Announced to Use Tesla Charging Ports

The news came just months after Ford, General Motors (GM) and Rivian announced plans to construct their future models with the same type of charging port as Tesla. This means that these cars will be able to access Tesla’s growing Supercharging network—the high-powered recharging system pioneered by the carmaker.

However, some current owners have expressed concern over this news, as they worry that it could result in overcrowding at existing stations. Already known for being extremely popular among EV enthusiasts, these stations would become much more congested if more brands choose to use them in addition to Tesla vehicles. The charge times could also increase significantly due to increased demand of those using the network.

On the flip side, others are of the opinion that this move will be beneficial to electric vehicle drivers. From a convenience perspective, it means drivers won’t have to bring an extra cable around when travelling in unfamiliar areas. It also lowers cost for companies developing EVs—despite their higher price tags—by avoiding the cost of setting up separate charging networks altogether and allows automakers an easier way into the EV market place.

Tesla Supercharging Stations have Increased 33% YoY

This past Tuesday, the Tesla Charging account revealed its plans of installing 10 more Supercharger stations scattered across the US. The combined number of 129 stalls adds to those already existing and will satisfy an underlying high demand that continues to thrive despite a volatile market in 2022.

The launch of these new charging stations is part of a broader trend that has seen Tesla’s Supercharging network continue on a steady climb towards expansion over the last twelve months.

To be precise, according to Tesla’s update letter, Tesla had 4,947 Supercharger stations at the end of Q1 this year. This figure is a far cry from what it was in 2021 and represents an impressive 33% increase year-over-year.

The Bottom Line

Tesla’s innovative pull-through charging stalls at Supercharger stations mean great relief for owners who tow. Tesla is again showing its commitment to improving the experience and convenience of electric vehicle ownership, making it easier and more pleasant than ever before.

By introducing this solution, they are taking EV charging one step further, revolutionizing our approach to how we get around. This breakthrough will provide a faster charge time for road trippers everywhere!
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