Polestar Elevates Entertainment with Amazon Prime Integration!

Would you like a seamless viewing experience straight from your car? Well, Polestar has heard your pleas for entertainment and is now elevating driving experiences with Amazon Prime integration!

You'll be able to access the popular streaming service in an app on the Polestar 2. This is the latest video platform addition to Polestar's in-car operating system, which will provide drivers with hours of entertainment while on the road. Keep reading for more details! 

Polestar 2 Owners can Now Stream Prime Video

The addition of Prime Video into the Polestar 2 comes as part of a long-term partnership between Amazon and Polestar, with both companies committed to enhancing the user experience inside any car. With streaming while parked or charging now available, drivers can now enjoy their favorite shows during trips without having to switch between devices.

This magnificent reveal coincides with the launch of Android Automotive OS, an operating system crafted for infotainment, navigation and voice control. This latest Polestar 2 addition is one element of a diverse app suite, allowing customers to keep entertained during breaks away from work or home life.

Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath further stressed the successful integration of Prime Video within their vehicles: “This feature gives our customers limitless ways to enjoy every drive. From the get-go, Polestar has been about enjoyment - from leading design to captivating driving experience - and this platform adds a new layer of freedom for customers”.

For those Terrarium lovers out there, you can now access Prime Video respectively through Android Automotive OS through the Google Play Store when in parked or charging mode on any Polestar 2. In addition to software development for navigation and voice control, the Google Play Store now offers various interactive and entertainment apps as well.

The Polestar 2 was Initially Launched with Google Android Automotive OS

It seemed only right that Polestar 2 was initially launched with the Google Android Automotive OS. After all, this dedicated automotive operating system offers a suite of features specifically designed for vehicles.

Being available exclusively on the Polestar 2, newcomer’s to EV's can look forward to an advanced infotainment system within their car sporting not just tried and tested Google products and maps, but new and optimized apps from the Polestar product portfolio such as Eva – its home of voice control and AI-enabled features for a safe driving experience.

In June 2021, YouTube joined the fray, enabling passengers to enjoy their favorite shows in full HD on tablets that act as remote displays. Rounding out this roster of apps is the inclusion of ingenious navigation aids such as Waze, EasyPark and A Better Route Planner to help you get to your destination quicker than ever before.

What's more, the Range Assistant was released at the same time too – an app that ensures you always have enough charge to complete your journey. But what Polestar 2 owners really enjoy is having access to a surplus of entertainment options throughout their travels.

To do this, viewers can make use of Vivaldi web browser in order to access and support for other streaming services which aren’t yet supported natively within Android Automotive OS.

Polestar 2 has Already Crossed the Production Milestone Mark of 150,000 Last Month

It looks like 2023 has already been a monumental milestone for Polestar! Last month, the electric luxury vehicle brand announced their 150,000th unit off the production line. This impressive landmark can be attributed to increasing demand for the company’s flagship, the Polestar 2 – an all-electric five-door fastback with a range of up to 480 km.

Now that mass-production has been achieved, Polestar plans on taking their vehicles to the next level - literally! To start with, they plan on adopting Tesla’s NACS charging plugs in order for drivers to enjoy greater convenience and flexibility when it comes to charging.

This new charging plug is expected be included as standard equipment starting from next spring along with the introduction of improved production efficiency. Amidst great progress, Polestar is also gearing up for a brand-new production plant in South Carolina, set to begin operation sometime next year.

The facility will spearhead the building of the upcoming Polestar 3 – a stylish mid-sized SUV offering competitive price points and longer driving range than ever before. Once complete, this new base of operations would be the second manufacturing hub for Polestar outside of China, casting a more net-wide production effort.

The Bottom Line

Polestar has taken the entertainment experience to a whole new level with the latest addition of Amazon’s streaming service, Prime Video, to its operating system (OS). It marks an exciting step forward for both automotive and media sector.

This innovative fusion between digital technology and motor vehicles serves as a reminder that Polestar is at the cutting-edge of electric vehicle production. With more planned updates on their OS in the future, Polestar’s potential knows no bounds!
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