Rivian Unveils the Max Pack Option for the R1T: Get 410 Miles on a Single Charge!

It's official: we have a new challenger in the 400-mile club. The leader of this pack is none other than Rivian and their flagship electric truck, the R1T. The possibility of driving 410 miles on a single charge underscores why Rivian is taking the lead in EV innovation.

The magic behind these extraordinary range capabilities is no secret - it’s all thanks to Rivian's R1T Max Pack option, along with 21-inch wheel rims that help power one of their most impressive creations yet.

The Max Pack and wheels combination creates a total package that eclipses the range of other Rivian models, which were already advanced in their own right.

In this article, we'll explore the features of the R1T Max Pack option that allows it to achieve an EPA-estimated range of 410 miles per charge. 

R1T Gets 2 Range Options: Max Pack and Large Pack

The highly anticipated Rivian R1T electric pickup truck has been updated with two notable range options – namely the Max Pack and Large Pack. Drivers will now be able to have more choice in deciding what range best meets their needs whether it’s for a long-distance drive or simply everyday life.

R1T Large Pack

Let's dive into the larger option first - The R1T equipped with the Large Pack battery will bring an expected range of 352 miles per charge.

This is an extremely impressive number for any electric pickup truck and a clear demonstration of Rivian’s commitment to efficient engineering.

It should be noted that the R1T isn't known for being a particularly fuel-efficient vehicle, yet still achieves good range through energy conservation measures such as regenerative braking and powertrain optimization.

Comparisons between similar vehicles of similar size and weight are available to provide a better guide in regards to range expectations. For example, the new Ford F-150 Lightning – considered a direct competitor for Rivian - also has an expected charge range of 355 miles per full tank.

Though this only suggests a marginal difference between these two electric powerhouses, it is nonetheless worth considering for those drivers who wish to make their own comparisons.

R1T Max Pack

On the other hand, Rivian also offers customers an exceptional Max Pack option boasting of a whopping 410 miles per single charge!

This incredible range is achieved through higher level storage capacity and a more efficient thermally managed battery system – just some of the many innovations being implemented by Rivian in its new electric pickup line-up.

21” Tires are Necessary to Achieve the 410 Mile Range!

Rivian’s revelation was confirmed by a follow-up post on X (formerly called Twitter) that showcased how the range would be affected using various tire sizes.

As detailed, the Max Pack option requires 21-inch tires in order to achieve 410 miles of range per charge as promised — letting drivers maximize their distance until they need another fill up.

Remarkably, the selection of a different wheel size has an immense effect on how far this vehicle can travel. Mentioned in the post, opting for 22-inch tires reduces the range to 380 miles whilst 20-inch All Terrain (AT) tires further reduce that number down to 355 miles!

On the other hand, if there’s no need for hefty range figures and you prefer to stick with a slightly less expensive setup then opting for the Large Pack battery should do the trick. Nevertheless, the R1T still desires those 21-inch tires with this variation — which in turn produces 352 miles of range per charge.

As mentioned previously, the difference in wheel size also has an effect on this configuration — because 22-inch tires surprisingly reduce the total range to 341 miles whereas 20-inch AT tires bring that number down even further to 307 miles.

Rivian’s Online Configurator Showcases R1T & R1S Max Pack and Large Pack Options

Rivian's online configurator shows off the two core electric pickup and SUV models, the R1T and R1S.


Starting at $89,000 the R1T features a Dual Motor AWD drive system as standard paired with the Max Pack battery option (required for this pricing) which nets drivers 410 miles on a single charge, an impressive feat indeed.

This package requires the Adventure Package as well as the LA Silver paint color option, 21" Road Wheels and either Black Mountain or Black Mountain + Dark Ash Wood interior selections.

However, budget-sensitive shoppers may favor the axle-grinding off-road capabilities of the R1T with Rivian's Large Pack battery option. This more economical variant requires no extra packages on top of its accessible $79,000 starting price and nonetheless nets 320 miles of range per charge, a spicy offering for sure.


The larger and roomier R1S SUV counterpart is limited to one battery selection as of now—the Large Pack under the hood (expected to offer Max Pack in future) – which provides a respective 305 or 280 mile range depending on wheel size at a starting cost of $84,000 before options.

The Bottom Line

Now that Rivian has joined the 400-mile club, it is clear that these cars represent a new level of innovation in electric vehicles.

The Dual Motor and Performance Dual Motor variants are now capable of achieving an EPA-estimated range of 410 miles per charge when equipped with the Max Pack option and 21″ wheels.

This is shining example of what is possible when cutting edge technology meets a commitment to affordability, style, and sustainability.

The Rivian R1T's strong performance in range tests proves that EVs are the wave of the future - one that we can all get behind!
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