Rivian R1T's Tonneau Cover is Making a Big Comeback for 2024!

Have you been thinking about how the Rivian R1T pickup truck could be improved? Well, get ready for some exciting news - the Rivian Gear Shop is giving its R1T a significant upgrade with the return of its powered tonneau cover!

In addition, they also plan to add a manual version of the tonneau cover later this year. But that’s not all! To top it off, an even better powered version will be available by early 2024. Keep reading to find out more about this exciting comeback! 

Rivian R1T Tonneau Cover was Removed from Rivian Gear Shop in 2022

Rivian recently (October 22) sent out an update notice to all existing and preorder customers of their electric pick-up truck that read something like: “We have major news to share with you about the Powered Tonneau Cover (PTC) for the R1T. We are upgrading your PTC and as a result, it will be removed from production temporarily”

This meant that all customers who had preordered an R1T with option of powered cover could still receive their truck but they would only have two options available for them to choose from: manual or no tonneau cover at all.

According to Rivian officials, this is a temporary measure that will last until the newly upgraded powered cover can be reintroduced. Unfortunately, no specific date for this has been set yet.

To sum it all up, although Rivian momentarily removed their tonneau cover from production for upgrades purposes only, a superior version of this feature is underway and on its way back at an undisclosed time in the following year.

Until then, existing preorder holders who insisted on having a tonneau cover can select either manual version or the powered one in the meantime.

Rivian R1T Tonneau Cover is Making a Comeback

It's finally happening: the beloved Rivian R1T powered tonneau cover is making its comeback in 2024! Back in May of 2023, CEO RJ Scaringe announced that the updated version of this signature accessory would be released by midsummer – and the typically seasonal timeframe sure came as a shock to forum members everywhere.

Many months later, Rivian fans were left slightly befuddled when the cover remained absent from both the Gear Shop and configuration page. Even dedicated onlookers seemed unable to unearth any new developments regarding this product's enigmatic return, until one keen forum user stumbled across a well-hidden announcement of the cover's comeback.

In order to utilize this feature, first-time configurators must select an R1T on the website and proceed to click Raglan’s infamous "Shop" link. From there onwards lies a virtual treasure trove of exclusive information for compatible Rivian gear – including their expansive range of tonneau covers.

The Bottom Line

The long-awaited return of the Rivian R1T's tonneau cover is an exciting event for all truck enthusiasts. The manual version will be made available in Rivian's Gear Shop by this year, while customers can expect to purchase the powered tonneau cover soon after in early 2024.

Allowing truck enthusiasts to accessorize their R1T pickups with additional features, Rivian's commitment to expand their Gear Shop highlights the company's mission of delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction.

We look forward to seeing what else this awesome electric vehicle will do in the year ahead!

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