Tesla Model 3 Roof Proves to be Indestructible in Real-World Test!

It’s time to put the old Elon Musk saying ‘a Tesla roof can carry the weight of an adult elephant’ to test!

In China, a Tesla Model 3 was recently subjected to real-world conditions that might be close to what an adult elephant could cause. During severe flooding in China, a wall collapsed on top of this particular Model 3 - and guess what? It withstood the force.

Let's take a closer look at this remarkable car and discover how it proved its indestructible nature.

Tesla Model 3 Survives a Wall Collapse!

The shocking news of a fatal wall collapse in China recently shocked headlines across the world.

Onlookers were horrified to witness an entire row of cars directly affected by this incident, with several vehicles potentially facing complete destruction. However, one car managed to persevere through it all – a Tesla Model 3.

The collapse occurred when thousands of bricks tightly locked together within the wall became compromised from flooding caused by storms and excessive rainwater accumulation, leading to its ultimate fall.

The falling wall likely caused major damage to nearby vehicles, however, the Tesla Model 3’s roof miraculously remained intact despite being in close proximity.

The results of this incident simply astound many as its potential destruction far exceeded that of any ordinary car (even those following closely behind).

Images Show that Tesla Model 3’s Structural Integrity is on Another Level!

When the incident was over, it became evident that all vehicles beneath had been severely damaged by the debris or stripped away from the force of water. However, there was one exception - the Model 3 which surprisingly could possibly be salvaged and fixed!

Looking closer at the photos taken during clean-up operation, it can be clearly seen that while this unlucky vehicle also sustained significant damage, it was by far in the most favorable condition compared to its neighboring cars – a true testament to Model 3's mechanical strength.

The car’s overall ability to sustain such heavy weight over an extended period (and those owners are surely thankful) may not only prove valuable under certain disperse conditions but on any other given day potentially save your life too. This is something that none of the other cars involved in that wall collapse incident can confidently claim for themselves.

A costly option to ensure such structural integrity due to severe weather and natural disasters, but a price well worth paying for the safety of its owners – this is precisely why Tesla's Model 3 has successfully vaulted itself amongst industry's elite.

The Event Sort of Proves Musk’s Saying “Tesla Roofs Can Withstand the Weight of an Adult Elephant”

Back in 2018 at TED Conference, Elon Musk famously stated that Tesla roofs can withstand the weight of an adult elephant after someone skeptically asked about durability standpoints. Little did he know that, several years later, his proclamation would almost be put to the test in such an unexpected and extraordinary way.

It goes without saying that although all cars do have certain limitations as far as weights carried load capacity, Tesla vehicles can handle significantly higher loads than other models out there — making them ideal for those looking for a more trustworthy ride when it comes to durability standpoints.

So, if you find yourself in a similar and unfortunate situation as those involved in this alarming incident, your best bet is to hopefully be next to a Tesla if structural collapse were to ever occur on top of your vehicle.

Ultimately, Tesla's impressive engineering and ability to handle extreme levels of weight can certainly come in handy when it matters most.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the recent incident in China heavily underlines the structural integrity and sturdiness of a Tesla Model 3.

It is remarkable to witness how this car managed to almost survive falling debris from a collapsing wall due to heavy flooding, in comparison with other vehicles which were completely destroyed.

Indeed, it's safe to say that Elon Musk's Tesla is 'sort-of' indestructible!

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