Rivian Revs Up Production: Max Pack R1T Deliveries Roll Out to Customers!

Rivian is now rolling out its R1T Max Pack trucks to customers, making it the latest electric vehicle company to rev up production amid a surge in demand for EVs.

The news came hot on the heels of a report that said the R1S Max Pack had appeared on Rivian's average configurator earlier this week—only to be replaced by an “order a unit” button at the time.

Today brought with it confirmation from the electric car manufacturer Rivian itself that the R1S Max Pack can now be configured from the company's order page. Customers are being invited to configure their own units with Max Packs as delivery dates arrive.

The R1T with Max Pack Delivers up to 410 Miles of EPA

Rivian is blowing through the competition with their newest R1T model—a Max Pack that delivers up to 410 miles of EPA-estimated range. This puts the electric pickup truck at the top of its class in terms of range while still allowing plenty of power for those hauling and off-roading trips we all crave!

The company's flagship SUV, the R1S, doesn’t take a backseat when it comes to long-distance travel either. Topping out at 400 miles in its new Dual-Motor AWD variant with Max Pack, this feat makes it one of longest ranges offered by a seven-seater electric SUV on the market today.

With these powerful packages, Rivian is setting the benchmark for a new era of electric vehicles—and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

Rivian is Expected to Become Profitable Soon

Rivian is quickly gaining momentum as its production ramps up and deliveries of the Max Pack R1T electric pick-up began this week. As a result, the company's CEO RJ Scaringe recently announced that he expects Rivian to become profitable soon.

Thanks to consistent improvement in progress quarter after quarter, there is now a clear staircase or steps in place to allow the company to reach profitability. This includes increasing production efficiency, cost savings from comparable costs of producing vehicles versus buying components on the open market, and attaining a greater margin on its current suite of products offerings.

This positive outlook bodes well for Rivian's future and what that means in terms of expanding its product line up while continuing to innovate and offer cutting-edge solutions for electric vehicle range and performance, as well as customer benefit programs.

Rivian is also Planning to Acquire Funding

Rivian is revving up production and rolling out deliveries of its Max Pack R1T to customers, but it’s also planning ahead for future needs. On Wednesday the company announced a $1.5 billion convertible senior notes offering that will be offered to qualified institutional buyers only.

The company affirmed its 2023 guidance of 52,000 units by delivering 15,564 units in the third quarter of 2021. This shows that Rivian will have to keep up its production levels and make sure it’s able to maintain them when preparing for the influx of buyers expected in a few years.

The new funding is an important step towards this goal, allowing the company to prepare itself for future growth as it continues on its mission of revolutionizing electric transportation.

The Bottom Line

As Rivian ramps up production on the much-anticipated R1T Max Pack trucks, customers are seeing its arrival in droves. The automaker has now added the R1S Max Pack to its configurator as well, making it available for customer orders.

This was noticed by many members of the Rivian Forum and although an option can be selected through inventory search online, currently customers cannot select this version when building their own personal R1T and R1S packages.

However, with production already underway, this seemingly minor issue will soon be addressed as these max pack models become even more widely available.
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