Rivian Brings High-Tech Retail Experience to Nashville, TN!

Rivian is bringing a high-tech retail experience to Nashville, Tennessee on October 6th!

Providing an avenue for both current and prospect customers alike, their new Rivian retail space will offer visitors the ability to drive and interact with the company’s vehicles.

In addition, they will have Experience Specialists available to answer all of your questions about electric vehicles as well as provide advice on EV trip planning.

The newly designed over 2,000 square foot area also includes a storefront offering exclusive Rivian gear & merchandise - plus you get to see R1 vehicle displays!

Rivian Opens a New Retail Space

Rivian has opened up a new retail space in Nashville, Tennessee! Located at Fifth+Broadway, the company promises to bring a high-tech experience to the city. The store’s hours of operation are Mon–Sat from 10am–7pm and Sun 11am–6pm.

This is Rivian’s seventh retail space in North America, with other locations already established in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami Beach and more. Just last month they opened up another focused on customer service near Williamsburg Bridge and Domino Park in Brooklyn.

The Rivian team wants drivers across the U.S., Canada and Europe to have unparalleled access to their range of electric vehicles such as the R1T pickup truck or R1S SUV throughout 2023!

They have committed to having a stable retail presence, providing great customer experience and service. Therefore, opening this store in Nashville is an example of the company’s commitment to expanding their reach throughout locations across North America.

Rivian has Already Started Delivering R1T Max Pack to Customers

Rivian has already started delivering R1T Max Pack units to customers who have the most recent reservations for the vehicle.

To make sure those interested have a chance to check out and experience Rivian’s vehicles in person, Rivian has opened up retail spaces where potential buyers can see both the R1T and R1S. The Nashville retail space is a great place to do just that!

At this location, visitors can take demo drives of both vehicles as well as take closer looks at materials and color options before deciding whether they want to purchase one or not.

This allows customers to really get an immersive understanding of what it would be like owning a Rivian electric vehicle. So, if you’re local or nearby, pop in for yourself or with friends and family members and catch some first-hand experiences with these amazing EVs!

Rivian is Slowly Progressing Towards Profitability

Rivian is slowly progressing toward profitability according to Rivian’s new CEO. The company has made huge investments in tech-oriented retail experiences by opening a brick and mortar store housed inside Nashville, TN.

The store features several innovative ways for customers to experience the all-electric R1T pickup truck or R1S SUV, including a 50 foot high wall featuring interactive takeaways featuring complete vehicle specs.

Additionally, virtual reality technology allows visitors to control an onscreen version of the vehicles from fluctuating terrain and real-time environmental conditions such as weather, temperature settings and time of day assessments.

These investments signal that Rivian is nearing completion with its transformation from a secretive engineering firm into a fully operational car brand able to compete with established names like Tesla who have previously dominated the luxury EV space.

The Bottom Line

Rivian is bringing its high-tech retail experience to Nashville, allowing guests to drive and interact with the vehicles, speak with experience specialists about EV trip planning as well as shop Rivian gear.

This grand opening celebration kicks off on Friday 6th October 2023 so mark your calendars now – you won't want to miss out!

Whether you’re an avid EV enthusiast or simply interested in learning more about electric vehicles, the Rivian retail space is sure to give a unique and educational insight into this fast-growing industry.

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