Rivian's Spooktacular Halloween Update Unlocks Sightseeing for Pedestrians!

Releasing over-the-air (OTA) updates has become essential for electric vehicle makers like Rivian and Tesla, and those updates now come with a few special surprises.

The latest update from Rivian offers a Halloween surprise that changes how pedestrians are first perceived by the driver.

The new spooktacular OTA update provides bug fixes, performance improvements as well as entertainment features geared toward making your ride safer, smoother and more enjoyable.

The Halloween update unlocks the feature of being able to "see" pedestrians lurking around your vehicle, turning your daily drive into a sightseeing experience. 

The Halloween Update Visualizes Pedestrians as Zombies and Witches

Rivian’s spooktacular Halloween update unlocks sightseeing for pedestrians. The company shared a video that shows the dashboard display of an R1S test drive, with characters from Halloween shown on the screen instead of regular pedestrian visuals.

Peter Barba, the Senior Vice President at Rivian, led this initiative and posted a video of it on X (formerly known as Twitter) on Saturday to showcase their creativity.

This isn’t the first time an automaker has used software updates to turn their cars into some kind of entertaining works for holidays- Tesla has implemented similar upgrades in its vehicles before.

Rivian sought to provide some lighthearted fun to motor enthusiasts by introducing this zombie visualization which was also posted alongside Barba’s tweet on Sunday evening showcasing how OTA updates can be used for unique holiday upgrades!

Halloween Update also Includes a Cryptic Message

Rivian recently celebrated the spookiest holidays of the year with their software update “2023.38.0”, filled with Halloween-themed experiences for the season!

Not only did Rivian bring festivities straight into drivers' homes but they also included a fun surprise – a cryptic message hidden in their release notes which reads like a riddle:

“When pumpkins light their glowing eyes,

For the season of Halloween,

Look where you go to customize,

To find the secret theme.”

The update was deployed earlier this month and is sure to delight Rivian owners as an exciting way to commemorate the holiday spirit!

The Halloween Surprise would Unlock on October 21

Rivian, the electric automaker, is adding a little spooktacular fun to an upcoming update! On October 21st the “Halloween Surprise” feature will be unlocked. To get this extra treat and unlock the Halloween theme, users must solve a riddle released by Rivian.

The update promises some seriously creepy sights for pedestrians who use Rivian vehicles at night as ghouls and goblins await them along their routes in interactive surprises tailored specifically to each individual driver.

This may even include side quests made available with additional points earned through achievements of specific driving goals or reaching special locations!

So, keep your eyes peeled on October 21st when you can put your skills to the test and see if you can solve Rivian’s tricky riddle that unlocks this spooky surprise!

The Bottom Line

Rivian's Spooktacular Halloween Update unlocks a fun new feature for vehicles equipped with the latest Autopilot software - pedestrian viewing.

Pedestrians would be viewed as Zombies and Witches instead of the classic stick figures, providing a bit of extra holiday cheer for drivers.

While Rivian is not the first EV brand to experiment with 'creative' pedestrians’ visuals - Tesla has also launched similar updates previously – it surely adds an interesting element to their lineup this Halloween season!
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