Tesla Model 3 Highland Hits the German Road: Deliveries Now Available!

Tesla has been busy with making new and updated models, and now they are finally delivering their Model 3 "Highland" in Germany! Pictures of the brand-new refreshed car have been released.

The Highland version is different to the standard Tesla compared to other places since it comes equipped with basic 18” Aero wheels rather than 19” Sport or 20” Performance options.

In addition, there's a slightly sportier front grille and tail light tints for those wanting an edgier look. It's already created quite the buzz among consumers who are eager to get their hands on this model. 

Tesla Model 3 Highland Delivery Images Leaked

Tesla’s Model 3 Highland delivery images have recently been leaked online by X account Planwerk.

The photographs first surfaced over social media and provide a glimpse of the automaker’s showroom and service center in Bielefeld, Germany.

The pictures featured a fresh Tesla with its redesigned exterior painted in Midnight Silver Metallic, giving us an exciting look at what this model has to offer.

Photos were taken from multiple angles, unveiling all components of the vehicle such as its Aerodynamic wheels along with its signature yellow brake calipers.

For those curious about the Tesla charging station located outside Bielefeld auto service center can see that it was actually plugged into one of these high-performance outlets while being photographed for the post.

Overall, this makes for an amazing sight and hopefully sets up more incredible shots of other deliveries across Europe soon!

The Model 3 Highland was also Spotted in France

The news of Model 3 Highland deliveries in Germany spread like wildfire across the Tesla community! Soon enough, the excitement spread to France. Spotted at a dealership near Paris was none other than the same Model 3 Highland seen just days earlier in Germany.

The distinctive car had traveled great distances from its birth place - Gigafactory Shanghai. Over the past two months, it has been shipped out among huge numbers as part of one of Tesla’s biggest Mass shipments money can buy!

Model 3 stimulates not only spies (bigger brands) with curiosity regarding its creation and grandeur but also folks who would love to own it; given all that this car offers for such an affordable price-point is quite remarkable.

Model 3 Highland was also Showcased in Italian Showrooms

Tesla’s Model 3 Highland is starting to roll out to several markets across the world. After initial launches in China at the end of this month, images and videos have started leaking online of showrooms in Italy that are showcasing the new vehicle.

This leak follows news of other Asian and European markets getting ready for a launch before 2023 ends.

It has yet to be announced if or when Tesla will launch the Model 3 Highland back home on North American soil, but it is likely that it's just a matter of time before these vehicles hit our roads as well.

Judging from what we've seen so far overseas this electric vehicle looks like quite an impressive beast with lots of power beneath its hood!

The Model 3 Highland comes with a Few Exciting Upgrades

The Tesla Model 3 Highland is set to come with a few exciting upgrades, as seen in some leaked delivery images.

First up are the redesigned headlights, which have taken on a sleeker and more stylish appearance than what was previously offered. The headlights are also equipped with LED lighting—promising improved visibility for drivers navigating through lower light settings.

Also making an appearance is ambient dashboard lighting, giving the interior of the vehicle an impressive glow; perfect for those late-night drives home from work or errands about town.

And last but certainly not least are simplified exterior and interior features that make it easier to access vehicle functions — such as the trunk button conveniently located near the rearview mirror just above Climate Control system controls.

All together, these sleek new features make this refreshed version of the Model 3 something to behold – both inside and out!

The Bottom Line

The Model 3 Highland has hit the German roads, and we look forward to seeing soon it will come to other areas of Europe as well.

Tesla continues to innovate a new take on electric vehicles and this model is sure to make its mark in the EV world for years to come.

We can't wait to see what's in store from this great car giant!
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