U.S. Fleets Show Increased Adoption of Tesla EVs: Model 3 and Model Y Top the List!

Tesla is the leading EV brand for consumers, but according to new research findings from U.S. fleets it looks as though Tesla has further marked its presence in the electric vehicle market as one of their top choices when going green.

The Model 3 and Model Y came out on top amongst these U.S. fleets, showing a clear indication that they are pushing towards electrifying public transportation despite their typically larger carbon footprints.

Tesla Vehicles Constitute Over a Third of EV Fleet Purchases in US

Data from S&P Global Mobility recently showed that Tesla vehicles constituted over a third of electric vehicle (EV) fleet purchases in July 2023, with the Model 3 and Model Y topping the list as the most purchased vehicles.

These statistics included a variety of fleets such as daily rental fleets, corporate formals, and government operations. In fact, the Model 3 alone made up for 10k units registered on this list!

It's no surprise to see Tesla being the largest producer of EVs given their track record; however, that doesn't mean there's not any competition out there.

Companies are always introducing new models into these markets but so far they have yet to top what Teslas offers in terms of performance or offerings, making those remain on top despite all the progress companies make in pushing electric technology forward.

Additionally deals that have been struck between Tesla and large rental companies like Hertz help ensure establishments can get access to more efficient EV solutions without worrying about excess costs down line.

Model 3 Tops the List of Top Selling EV Models

The Tesla Model 3 is topping the list when it comes to electric vehicle (EV) models, according to recent fleet data.

The latest U.S. registrations for EVs show that 28,252 units of the Model 3 were registered in December 2022 and January 2023 alone - more than double its nearest rival, the Chevy Bolt, which was sitting at 19,502 units during this same period.

Following closely behind in third place was Tesla’s own Model Y with 11,149 units sold- excluding Ford and Rivian's combined 8351 vehicles sales as well as 2000 Polestar registrations- while other EV cars recorded less than 10,000 registration numbers in total!

The data also reveals that fleet sales of the Tesla Model 3 spiked in both July and October 2022, with 4,300 units being registered in each month. This shows us that despite EV-sales being quite inconsistent and depend largely on buying cycles, there is evidently strong demand for the popular Tesla models!

Chevy Bolt Captured 39% of EV Registrations for Government Fleets

The Chevrolet Bolt EV has become the raging star in government fleets, capturing over 39% of all EV registrations by them.

The all-time favorite Ford F-150 Lightning and other contenders like E-Transit and Mustang Mach-E have contributed to a hefty competition — making for an interesting ride in the government fleet industry.

Tesla’s Model 3 still remains one of the most popular models even with 6% government EV Registrations achieved this year, same as the Nissan Leaf.

To top it off, Ford recently opened orders for their 2024 F150 Light Pro with six trim configurations including Extended Range with sustained range (available 2022).

Tesla’s EV Dominance Can be Attributed to Tesla and Hertz’s 2021 Partnership

Tesla’s EV dominance can be attributed to Tesla and Hertz’s 2021 partnership, which saw the rental company purchase 100,000 of Tesla's EVs. This was followed up with another partnership between Tesla, Hertz and Uber formed in 2021 as well that added 25,000 more EVs to Uber’s fleet.

These partnerships have revolutionized the market for electric cars as it has opened up a variety of new opportunities for personal use from renting EV vehicles through car sharing services such as Uber or even just renting one on your own directly from Hertz.

These types of direct-to-consumer motor vehicle services have become increasingly popular over recent years thanks to their convenience and affordability—all made possible by Tesla and its strategic partnerships.

The Bottom Line

With Tesla being the most popular brand for U.S. fleets that are transitioning to electric vehicles, it's clear that its Model 3 and Model Y have fully captured the attention of businesses across America.

It will be interesting to see what exciting new developments Tesla brings in future models as these vehicles become more common on our roads each day!
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