Rivian Adventure Network Launches Paid Subscriptions Starting Next Month!

Rivian has announced that the Rivian Adventure Network (RAN) will begin offering paid subscriptions starting next month for its electric pickup trucks and SUVs.

For months, customers who purchase an electric vehicle from Rivian have been enjoying the free benefits of RAN, which includes access to a suite of premium off-road amenities such as camping sites, charging locations and more.

But starting from early November this year, owners will need to subscribe to RAN if they want continued access to these services.

Rivian will Start Charging Fees for the DC Fast-Charging Network

Fees are coming to Rivian’s DC fast-charging network! The company recently announced that it will begin charging fees for the use of its Adventure Network, starting in November 2023.

An email was sent out to customers informing them of the change, assuring them that seamless charging experience will still continue at all sites going forward.

Users who want to be able to make use of Rivian’s DC fast-charging network need to add their billing information into their Rivian account beforehand so they don’t have to worry about being charged every time.

This could be a difficult transition for some users, but overall, it is a necessary step for easing drivers into electric car ownership and encouraging more people onto this sustainable mode of transport!

Charging will Remain the Same as Usual

Rivian’s officials confirmed that the charging procedure will remain the same as usual! All of Rivian’s earliest owners who take advantage of RAN sites for their roadside refueling and charging needs won’t be charged until early November.

That means you can continue to plug in and wait with ease, as billing starts automatically when your vehicle is plugged into an Adventure Network site. So, if you're taking a road trip anytime soon with one of Rivian’s earliest-owned vehicles, you have nothing to fear!

The RAN Network was Planned to have 3,500 Fast-Charging Stalls

The Rivian Adventure Network (RAN) was announced early 2021, and its planned infrastructure of fast-charging stalls is already in the works. Rivian plans to have 3,500 charging stalls across 600 different sites by the end of 2023 so drivers can fill up their battery faster.

Rivian has put emphasis on locations that are intended for adventurous drivers at prime destination spots near national parks, beaches and rivers as well as popular tourist attractions nationwide.

These fast-charging sites are currently available in some areas such as the Appalachian Mountains, East Coast, California, and Colorado with more locations to come. With a paid subscription service starting next month riders can pay for access to these conveniently located RAN chargers.

Rivian’s RAN Network will also be Open to Non-Rivian EVs

Rivian’s RAN network is gearing up to make its mark on the electric vehicle landscape. The company has announced that they plan to open their charging network, which will include over 3,500 stations across North America and Europe, to non-Rivian electric vehicles.

This move mirrors what Tesla did with their Supercharger stations when they opened them up for broader public use a few years ago. In addition, Rivian has also adopted the same North American Charging Standard (NACS) as Tesla for their infrastructure.

This means that once the RAN network launches, there will be one access point and one subscription service for both companies’ massive Supercharger networks in both the U.S., Canada and Mexico! Rivian owners should have access to this vast power network as early as next year if all goes according to plan.

As of now it looks like things are going well for Rivian as they beat analyst expectations in Q3 with 15,564 R1T pickup trucks and R1S SUVs delivered. This is more than double the number of vehicles delivered in all of Q2 this year! It looks like Rivian has hit its stride when it comes to meeting demands for their high-tech electric vehicles.

The Bottom Line

Now that we know the Rivian Adventure Network (RAN) will begin billing customers, it's interesting to see what else is in store for this unique service.

It promises adventure and convenience for owners of the company's electric pickups and SUVs, taking customers off-the-beaten path with exclusive access to remote charging areas and other amenities.

With the new paid subscription system rolling out next month, we'll soon find out whether users are willing to pay a premium for an enhanced experience.
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