VinFast Eyes for an Ultra Cheap Mini EV Launch for the US!

VinFast may soon join the ranks of American automakers by adding a fifth vehicle to their U.S.-sold lineup, potentially as an ultra-cheap mini electric crossover that could target budget-minded Americans.

The fifth potential entry in VinFast's U.S-sold vehicles is the VF3, initially designed with the Vietnamese market in mind; however, it may be just what U.S drivers need for their daily commutes- a sub-$20,000 EV city car.

VinFast VF3 is a Boxy 2-Door EV

The VinFast VF3, first revealed in June this year, is a boxy two-door EV. It measures 122.6 inches in length and is 10 inches shorter than the Baojun Yep – the car co-developed by General Motors (GM), SAIC Motor Corp., Ltd., and Wuling Motors Co., Ltd.

Unfortunately we don’t have any information about electric motor figures or battery details for the VinFast VF3 yet but since it was designed primarily with daily usage patterns of Vietnamese drivers in mind, it would be most likely to feature a single-motor, two-wheel drive powertrain setup that will offer an impressive travel distance when fully charged.

Although there are still many specs unknown to us at this time, one thing we do know is that at such an affordable price point, the VinFast VF3 would certainly make EV ownership more accessible for millions around the world should they decide to bring it internationally!

VinFast Dealers in US are Urging the Automaker to Import the VF3

VinFast dealers in the U.S. are urging the automaker to bring their VF3 model to America, as its small size and ultra-cheap price have won over prospective buyers!

The Vietnamese automaker is currently researching what kind of demand they will have for their VF3 — a low-end electric vehicle — and has reportedly received positive responses from all its potential dealers so far.

Details like when it’ll be available in the U.S., or how much it will cost, haven't been announced yet; however, VinFast stated that they'll make an announcement soon with more details about their plans for exporting their EV models to American soil very soon!

VinFast has also Switched to a Hybrid Retail Model

Vietnam’s first automaker, VinFast, has also switched to a hybrid retail model with franchised dealerships. They are currently selecting dealers in the USA and have already recruited 27 dealers in a dozen states as part of their journey for expansion.

The company is reportedly holding meetings with potential over an additional 50 new dealer groups in cities such as Tampa and Dallas; Duke Hale, an adviser to VinFast was present at some of these meetings to explain more details about what VinFast is planning to bring: their much anticipated VF3 – An ultra cheap mini EV launch that might be hitting the US markets soon!

To make sure there were no confusions on how this car looks like externally, VinFast brought along a full-size foam model for each respective city's meeting! Needless to say the attendees were amazed and very eager towards being one of its many distributors soon enough.

VinFast has not Yet Announced Official Prices for the VF3

VinFast has yet to announce the official price for its upcoming all-electric vehicle, the VF3. With expectations that it will be made available to the masses at an affordable rate, many believe that this mini EV could become a “national car” for many Vietnamese people.

Sales of the VF3 in Vietnam are set to start next year with deliveries expected as early as Q3 2024. Currently however, Vietnam’s cheapest vehicle is VinFast’s own VF6, a subcompact car that retails for just over $28,000.

When or if the VF3 is brought to U.S., it will have an MSRP predicted to be under $20,000 making it the cheapest EV in America at about half the price of its competitors.

The VinFast VF3 has sparked interest among potential buyers both locally and abroad as we await news on the official price tags when they become available.

The Bottom Line

VinFast has promised to bring four models from its lineup to the U.S. market, including crossovers such as the VF8, VF9, VF6, and VF7.

The automaker is currently in the process of building a factory in North Carolina as well in order to produce a few of these vehicles within American soil.

However, it remains to be seen if VinFast will actually stick with its plans and release their ultra cheap mini EV; the VF3 into US markets soon.

If so then this could mean an incredibly affordable electric option for consumers that should provide competition for brands such as Tesla or Nissan Leaf - making EV ownership just that bit more accessible!

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