Tesla Model 3 'Highland' Hits U.S. Roads: Testing Vehicle Spotted!

Tesla Model 3 fans in the U.S. have something new to look forward to: the “Highland” was spotted testing without any coverings on Highway 280, showing off its front and rear bumper designs that are rarely seen in public.

The carmaker launched its Model 3 Highland earlier this year in Asia, Europe, and parts of the Middle East but it is still yet to be handed over officially to customers stateside who have eagerly been waiting for it since then.

Tesla Could Still be Waiting for EPA and NHTSA Approvals

Tesla has recently made a slew of changes to the Model 3 with the Highland iteration, and it appears that they could still be waiting for EPA and NHTSA approval for the vehicle.

The car was spotted on-road testing in California between San Francisco & San Jose on Highway 280. This is very similar to tests done by Tesla prior to their imminent releases such as Cybertruck months ahead of its official launch.

This can only mean one thing: we’ll soon have an even better version of Tesla’s much-praised Model 3! Keep your eyes peeled as further developments around this release emerge – it looks like Tesla won’t keep U.S. consumers waiting long!

No Clear Indication of the Highland Launch in U.S.

Tesla is testing the Model 3 Highland vehicle on U.S. roads, with a design that appears to be identical to its Eastern Hemisphere version.

It was previously speculated that the launch of the Tesla Model 3 Highland could happen as early as 2023, but we've seen no indication from Tesla about when (or if) this model may come stateside - for now all signs point towards an imminent release in other international markets only.

The Tesla ‘Highland’ has made quite a buzz since its teased its debut back at the end of 2022 and it looks like more clarity should start emerging soon enough about what capabilities and features one can expect from this spiffy new ride!

During Tesla's Q3 Earnings Call in October, Head of Investor Relations Martin Viecha refused to answer any product-related questions, leaving it unclear what plans are in store for the vehicle's launch in the U.S.

In the meantime, speculation is still running rampant on when and where the Highland might be hitting American roads – even if Tesla isn't offering any additional information about it.

Until then, though, we'll have to wait and hope that Tesla finally spills the beans in time for those who've been eagerly awaiting the car's arrival.

The Bottom Line

As the first Tesla Model 3 "Highland" without coverings was recently spotted testing in the US, we are thrilled to see what's in store for customers and fans of the American electric car maker.

The bumper designs at both front as well as the rear were visible on this new version of Model 3. Tesla has already launched it in Asia, Europe & Middle East but yet to hand it over to their customers based out in US.

Let's wait and watch how eager customers receive this ultimate offering from Tesla!
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