Tesla Model Y Propels Tampa's Ridesharing Revolution!

Tampa is about to experience a revolution in ridesharing, powered by none other than the Tesla Model Y.

This Thursday marks the first official day that Dash – a Tampa-based rideshare company with an acronym for Downtown Area Shared Hubs (DASH) will start offering rides in 7 neighborhoods across Tampa—and they’ll only cost $2 per ride!

Dash has chosen the Tesla Model Y as its vehicles of choice and this revolutionary model boasts an impressive suite of capabilities, making it perfect for this new service: Dash will become Tampa's go-to method of transportation soon enough! 

Ridesharing Companies are Becoming Popular in Florida

Ridesharing companies are becoming increasingly popular in the sunshiny state of Florida, giving more convenience to locals and more options to visitors.

Tampa is a Florida city surrounded by towns located on the Gulf of Mexico – an already popular spot for tourists, temporary visitors, and those looking for a great place to live.

But now that rideshare companies like Revel in New York or Dash in Tampa have launched efforts in these US cities, it’ll be even easier to get around quickly and conveniently.

Dash is Following Revel’s Footsteps

Tesla is once again proving how its vehicles can propel a ridesharing revolution. Dash, the latest entrant in Tampa’s transportation industry, is following Revel’s footsteps by utilizing an all-electric fleet of Tesla Model Y crossovers to facilitate rides.

The drivers are trained as guides by the Tampa Downtown Partnership and the services will be launched on a part-time basis from Thursday onwards with full-time services launching as early as Friday.

This new way of preferred transportation around downtown, according to Shaun Drinkard (Interim President of the Tampa Downtown Partnership), is distinctive because of its unique look.

While other transportation choices such as the streetcar, e-bikes or scooters, and Pirate Water Taxi all have their own charm, Dash’s Tesla Model Y’s stand out with their bright yellow color. It will almost be impossible to not spot these Tesla’s!

Electric Rideshares are Becoming More Relevant as Consumers Intend to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Electric rideshares are becoming more relevant as consumers intend to reduce carbon emissions. Companies like Dash and Revel, smaller companies operating in large cities with fleets of exclusively electric vehicles, allow riders to make eco-friendly transportation decisions while supporting a greener future for the planet.

Revel operates out of New York City and has been expanding into Brooklyn last year. Meanwhile, major rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft are encouraging the switch to EVs by helping drivers obtain them through discounts or other rewards programs. Riders can also choose electric vehicles when using services like Uber Green in certain regions; recently used for trips to Ocean City and Las Vegas!

Tesla recently got in the game, providing “robo-taxis” to use for ridesharing services. The Tesla Model Y is now part of Tampa's growing electric rideshare revolution and is leading the way for other cities across America. By further embracing electric vehicles as viable options for transportation, cities like Tampa will make great strides in their sustainability initiatives!

The Bottom Line

Tesla's Model Y has become the star of Tampa's ridesharing revolution, providing an efficient and environmental-friendly solution for transportation.

The electric vehicle offers a unique alternative to traditional gas-powered rideshare cars due to its low cost, convenience, and reliability.

Additionally, Tesla owners are eligible for exclusive charging station discounts in partnership with local businesses offering uninterrupted service throughout the city.

As Tampa continues to modernize its ride-sharing services with increased EV support–the future looks bright!
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