The advantage of using an electric vehicle instead of a hybrid

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If you’re looking to protect the environment, investing in an electric vehicle is the best possible option. However, some companies try to blend electric and traditional vehicles, and that’s where hybrid vehicles come into play. When you want to buy an EV, the option to acquire a hybrid comes into play. But the question is, should you go for an EV, or is it a better idea to buy a hybrid vehicle? We think that an EV is the better option, and here are some of the reasons behind this statement.

Zero emissions

An electric vehicle doesn’t generate any emissions, and it’s the most eco-friendly option available in the world of cars. Not only that, but you can protect the environment in the long run since these vehicles are meant to be driven for years and years. On top of that, you can also dispose of your battery and recycle it when it stops working, so it’s the ultimate way to maintain your eco-friendliness. Hybrids have a battery, but they also use traditional fuels, which are known to generate lots of emissions and pollute the environment.

Tax breaks

Once you start researching EVs, you will notice they have another benefit in the form of tax breaks. While some hybrids might receive a tax break, that’s not always the case. But in the case of EVs, you can receive some tax breaks, and that can make acquiring such a vehicle a lot more appealing. Aside from tax breaks, some governments will also offer various financial incentives.

An EV can be great to drive, and the fact that you get to spend less money on it when compared to other options is something to keep in mind. With that in mind, you can use the money you saved to start your own business venture, invest in something, or buy a product you always wanted. That alone shows getting an electric vehicle is a great idea and something to keep in mind.

Charging your battery at home

Hybrids can also be charged at home; the problem is their battery is very small. They are not meant to be used as an EV; instead, their battery offers some extra miles, they are primarily traditional vehicles that rely on fossil fuels. If you go with an EV, you can fully charge your battery at home and also access the numerous charging stations spread all over the country. Nowadays, electric vehicles have become very popular, and it’s possible to find a place to charge pretty much anywhere.

Instant torque

If you’re looking for a wonderful and unique driving experience, then going for an EV is the ideal option. The sheer experience of driving an EV is unlike anything out there. You have a very powerful acceleration and instant torque. It really is an exceptional, fun way to drive, and you also have access to modern driving assists.

Most EVs also have state-of-the-art software to go along with great tech advancements added to the car. It helps because you can receive software updates that help improve battery efficiency while also removing any potential vulnerabilities. Since you receive regular updates, it can help enhance the way you drive, something that not all hybrids can offer. The fossil fuel element still limits them.

Low running costs

What you should know about EVs is they tend to have fewer moving parts when compared to a regular vehicle. There’s an upside to that, because you have less maintenance to deal with, and the running costs are usually much lower. As we said earlier, it’s also possible to charge your vehicle at home, which reduces the need to go to the pump constantly.

Hybrids have a small battery, but due to their dependence on fossil fuels, they are more expensive to run. Plus, that battery can only give you so much power. It’s usually a failsafe since you still rely on fossil fuels. That means getting an EV will help you save money in the long run, and you also have a bonus in the form of a much better driving experience.

A long-lasting battery

Most EV manufacturers are offering an 8-year battery life guarantee. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory made a predictive model stating that an EV’s battery life can go up to 12-15 years in moderate climate and usage conditions. That means an EV’s battery is intended to last for more than a decade, and it’s versatile. It goes to show that an EV is always the best option, and it can provide an excellent return on investment.

Another advantage is that battery costs are going to decline since the technology is getting better and better. Plus, there’s a massive demand for EVs, so the more extensive production volume also translates into cheaper batteries down the line.

Better performance overall when compared to hybrids

An EV is made with performance in mind, which is not the case when it comes to hybrids. You will find that the reliance on fossil fuels lowers a hybrid’s performance. The acceleration and power of a traditional vehicle or a hybrid are brought down due to the internal combustion engine. However, an EV doesn’t have that issue, and it can give you a stellar performance boost, along with a more consistent speed and acceleration.

A longer battery range than a hybrid

Hybrids have a short range due to the smaller battery, and that makes them less appealing when compared to an EV. A hybrid will give you anywhere from 15 to 60 miles from its battery’s power. By comparison, some of the top electric vehicles have a range of 250-400 miles, maybe even more in some cases.


As you can see, opting for an electric vehicle is a much better idea, especially when you compare it with a hybrid car. Sure, the option to also run on fossil fuels sounds excellent, but hybrids are bogged down by a lower performance rate, along with a very small battery capacity.

That’s why it’s a much better idea to go full electric if possible. It will give you a longer range, not to mention you might benefit from some tax breaks. Maintenance costs are lower when it comes to EVs, too, along with running costs. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly, reliable vehicle, then going full electric instead of a hybrid is undoubtedly the right option!
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