Emerging EV Manufacturers You Should Know About

While Tesla is still one of the most widely known EV manufacturers, it’s not the only company working on EVs. On the contrary, a lot of regular car companies have started their own EV division, and some creative minds have also brought EV manufacturing solutions to the market. Creating an EV startup at this time might seem like a challenge, but it’s also a great way to innovate and push the boundaries. And thankfully, there are some great EV companies to focus on.


Lightyear is interesting because they want to create top tier solar powered EVs. The idea of using solar power to charge your EV sounds great, and while the tech is still being worked on, it’s safe to say that a lot of people are supporting this business. That’s for a very good reason, it delivers innovation, growth, and it gives a new way to boost the battery life, while also having more range.


Fisker is another innovative company, because they are using recycled materials during the manufacturing process. The main focus for them is to include plastics and other materials and they are trying to constantly deliver an exceptional and very impressive vehicle, while also using existing materials. That’s hard to do, and it shows their focus on saving the planet.

Lucid Motors

Lucid Motors has a multitude of achievements, but the main one is they created a battery that gives you 529 miles of range. That’s incredible and it shows the true value and power that EV manufacturers can provide at this time. The Lucid Motors vehicles have great range, and they also focus on comfort. As a whole, you have an excellent product that impresses with its quality and exceptional quality.


Despite the fact that they don’t have a massive production, Rivian is still a top tier company in this list, and for a very good reason. They are extremely dependable, and their cars are exceptional, very high quality and also suitable for many different solutions. They even have electric delivery vans, so the company is constantly finding new ways to assist and provide customers with the features they need.


Mullen might not have a lot of attention for now, but they do focus on creating electric vehicles that are luxurious, yet also affordable and with a true focus on a very good range. They are expected to enter production for their latest cars in 2024, and the advantage is that they are going for a great mix of value and quality, while keeping things at the best possible level. In addition, there’s plenty of quality to be had, and the experience itself is nothing short of incredible when it comes to driving their vehicles.


Canoo has their own platform they made, and they continue to create vans, pickups and cars. Unlike other companies that want to go into large production scales, Canoo is the opposite. They are all about low volume production, yet they try to innovate by offering never seen before features that help shake up the electric vehicle market in a way that’s empowering and very engaging at the same time.


Aptera is offering the lowest air resistance for an EV. The main goal of the company is to bring great affordability and innovation, while also ensuring that people can use these vehicles like a regular car. That means the transition from an EV to this would be much simpler, and you could still gain access to a great set of benefits and very good value down the line. Improving the aerodynamics is a great concern for them, and something to consider as much as possible.


NIO is a less conventional EV business, and they are constantly pushing the norm with plenty of creativity and an exceptional focus on a great experience. They want to bring more EVs to the road as quickly as they can, while still maintaining a tremendous experience for the drivers at any given time.


Bollinger is unlike other EV companies because their focus is to have a higher starting price. But what do they offer for that? They focus more on security and overall they aim to deliver a more higher tier experience for their clients. On top of that, the SUV and pickup models are extremely interesting design-wise and with the right amount of power to boot. Yes, they are expensive, but still worth checking out nevertheless.


XPeng is a Chinese company that focuses on creating a great battery for EVs, but also vehicles that rely on fast battery swapping. That’s great because it shows the true potential of the tech and how it constantly pushes the limits to convey something interesting and creative at the same time. Plus, despite focusing mostly on the local market, they are slowly entering the European market too, which is something to keep in mind.


Arrival is another interesting name that you should keep an eye on. Unlike many of the other companies in this list, they want to create an electrified platform and then scale it in order to deliver heavy goods vehicles and great range. It’s amazing to see the type of growth the company had over the years, but unfortunately they had to delay the production quite a lot in recent years. That being said, they are on track to provide a great set of EVs that might very well revolutionize the industry.


There are many EV manufacturers that are bringing in a lot of promise for the industry. It’s great to see so much innovation and growth in the EV world, because all these companies are pushing each other to bring in amazing results in the long term. And that’s what matters, to find great ways to expand the horizons and focus on implementing a much better result for the years to come. One thing is certain, EV businesses will continue to appear, especially as the demand for electric vehicles is only going to get higher. And hopefully, that will lead to lots of innovation for the industry!

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