Edmunds Rate the Hyundai Ioniq 6 as the Fastest Charging EV Ever!

If you're familiar with the world of electric vehicles (EVs), you likely know that Hyundai's Ioniq 6, in its rear-wheel drive (RWD) configuration, lays claim to being the quickest charging EV on the market.

American automotive experts Edmunds made this declaration after putting it through their rigorous testing routine.

Ioniq 6 is Capable of Adding 100 Miles in a 7 Min Charge!

The Edmunds EV charging test, conducted on USA’s public network of fast chargers, is the first independent measure of how quickly a car can add range to its battery at a fast charger.

The Ioniq 6 electric sedan performed the best in a field of 43 popular EVs (including Teslas, Kias, Porsches and others) with scores that run from dismal to impressive. Edmunds tested the Ioniq 6 Limited RWD.

It added 100 miles in an average time of six minutes and 54 seconds- equivalent to a whopping 868 miles per charging hour. No other EV broke the seven-minute barrier in testing by Edmunds.

The closest was the Kia EV6 Wind RWD with an exceptional rating of about 769 miles per charging hour.

Tesla Model 3 Long Range Couldn’t Even Stand a Chance!

On the other hand, the 2023 Tesla Model 3 Long Range ranked tenth in Edmunds’ EV category. It recorded a charging speed of 569 miles per charging hour.

The Model 3 is known for its fast charging capabilities and highly efficient vehicle platform allowing it to be one of the best EV experiences out there. Yet, it couldn’t beat the mighty Ioniq 6!

Ioniq 6 RWD and AWD Both have Impressive Charging Capabilities

The Ioniq 6 scored impressively high in Edmund’s EV Efficiency Test and that efficiency translated to an average charging power that was more than enough to keep the car at the top of the Edmunds EV Charging Test leaderboard.

This means that Ioniq 6 drivers will, on average, spend less time at a charger than those who drive other vehicles. The standard-edition Ioniq 6 Limited RWD comes with a hefty 77.4kWh battery pack- good for plenty of range.

It outpaced the Kia EV6 Wind RWD by a 99 mile per hour charging range due to a slightly smaller battery capacity at 77.4kWh.

Meanwhile, the all-wheel-drive version of this Hyundai finished in third place overall by averaging an impressive 764 miles per charging hour and being able to add on about 100 miles worth of driving range in an average of seven minutes and two seconds.

Edmund’s EV Test Testifies Hyundai’s Mission of Going Above and Beyond Customer Expectations for EVs

At the core of its mission statement, Hyundai strives to offer a new and better mobility experience for the next generation.

As such, it aims to go above and beyond customer expectations for electrified vehicles like its many EVs, Olabisi Boyle (Vice President of Product Planning and Mobility Strategy at Hyundai Motor North America) noted.

“The results from Edmund’s rigorous testing validate our development team’s priorities on all E-GMP models,” she said. “Our goal is always to build innovative designs with excellent range, driving dynamics, cabin space and more- along with rapid charging which can often be a pain point among EV owners.”

The Bottom Line

For now, the Ioniq 6 holds a crown that any EV maker would be delighted to have. The newest Tesla Model 3 Long Range doesn't even come close to it, after all.

Let's see what's in store for future Hyundai EVs and what further innovations its lineup can bring.

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